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  1. Hello @krittakat! You didn't mention if you like the chemistry part of your life, but if you do you might find a way to leverage your chemistry experience to set you apart as a compelling candidate. There are (as I'm sure you know) many chemical processes that go in to ecology (habitat for example, or check this out https://www.cfc.umt.edu/research/highlights/streamwaterchemistry.php). Maybe find a part of the world that are you trying to enter that has significant elements of what you are already have? Just an idea, hope it helps!
  2. Hello GC! Hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share the process I went though to land what appears to be the ideal job for me. I graduated in the spring and was working on a post-doc with a pending promotion to the research track. I applied to a few faculty positions (1 no, 2 no word yet, but likely no) and knew my materials were compelling, but with publications in review I was not top tier. I was doing exciting work that I enjoyed and the future was bright; the main issue I had was the salary structure. As a non-traditional student I have 20 years of practical experience. So, I see
  3. This is a great topic. I earned my doctorate in a STEM field that is designed to be interdisciplinary; I have quant training (R), ArcGIS, policy, sustainability econ, etc. While this makes great thinkers, these qualifications are difficult to place squarely in one field. In this case, your path will be determined in many ways by what you focused most on, what you write papers about, and what you present. That being said, it feels like the tower understands the importance of well rounded thinkers,but isn't so sure what to do with them once they have been forged. The flip side, as @milara does a
  4. I would think about what you want from the experience and find the problem that is closest to that while satisfying the requirements of reimbursement. There are some neat MBA/data analytics programs, pm me for a bit more info if you're interested.
  5. In spirit I want to say the more education the better, but it probably depends on the situation a bit. I hold a MS and a PhD and am starting my MBA next week. This degree offers me a chance to acquire skills I don't have but will want as I operationalize my PhD research. I would think more school generally won't hurt and will sometimes help. For me, I just had to decide if more class time is worth it as I have certainly had plenty of them.
  6. I keep an eye on this: https://www.higheredjobs.com
  7. If you are interested in agency work, you might want to check USA jobs. They have some positions designed to be filled by recent grads (I think you get two years from graduation) which should help decrease the number of your competitors. Good luck! QM
  8. Hello all. Yesterday was eventful, I successfully defended my dissertation! It is a bit surreal as you spend so much time getting ready that when it happens it is kind of an odd sensation. There are not a lot of milestones in life that only happen once and this is certainly one of them. I know a lot of you are at the beginning of this journey so thought I would share a few things that seemed to help me on the way. While you need some smarts and great ideas, this degree is generally one of perseverance. Try to be humble and keep an attitude that is full of gratitude. Play well with ot
  9. Hello @purplepepper ! Before I had something secured I was searching for jobs fairly regularly. I may be confused, but if you are speaking of being hired to start in the fall of 2020, jobs started getting posting in the fall of 2019, and I saw many jobs offered in the Nov-Jan window. I would think that regardless of the virus, the timeline to interview and vet applicants would mean that many offers have already been extended. Just logistically, if I am considering moving for a faculty job, I would want to know in the spring if it was going to happen as I have to take steps to sell a house, pac
  10. Well, you won't get in to 100% of the schools you don't apply to. My two cents; maybe they are something you don't, why not apply to this poly sci program and continue your other apps as planned?
  11. When I was finishing my MS and applying to PhD programs I had to ask my advisor/committee chair to write letters even though I was also applying to remain his student too. I think I felt fat more awkward about it than him. Even with his lor there was no guarantee I was going to be admitted (though the chances were high). In the bigger picture, these are professionals that understand there are lots of factors involved in the process and ultimately they want us to make the best decisions for our careers and our families. I would ask and try not to worry about it too much.
  12. It sounds like she might be more upset about the "unpaid" part than the actual helping? I second the possibility of overreacting...
  13. If you are sure you are headed to the private sector I don't really see the advantage of more publications. A question might be how much income would you be giving up over that year vs how much more would you make due to those pubs (and/or 2nd BS)?
  14. Hello! Just a couple of thoughts... If I were you I would try to understand how my real world experience changed me to make be a better candidate so that I might speak to those new strengths/skills in my app. Also, given the results from last round, you might consider applying to some MS programs too. Your app strength may get you in at this level and you could use the experience as a springboard. Good luck! QM
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