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  1. Well, you won't get in to 100% of the schools you don't apply to. My two cents; maybe they are something you don't, why not apply to this poly sci program and continue your other apps as planned?
  2. When I was finishing my MS and applying to PhD programs I had to ask my advisor/committee chair to write letters even though I was also applying to remain his student too. I think I felt fat more awkward about it than him. Even with his lor there was no guarantee I was going to be admitted (though the chances were high). In the bigger picture, these are professionals that understand there are lots of factors involved in the process and ultimately they want us to make the best decisions for our careers and our families. I would ask and try not to worry about it too much.
  3. It sounds like she might be more upset about the "unpaid" part than the actual helping? I second the possibility of overreacting...
  4. If you are sure you are headed to the private sector I don't really see the advantage of more publications. A question might be how much income would you be giving up over that year vs how much more would you make due to those pubs (and/or 2nd BS)?
  5. I would stop sending these e-mails. Professors can't really be compelled to take students, even if one was it would be awkward at best. Sending emails up the chain might just aggravate the situation, is unlikely to further your cause, and might make it less likely that people will want to help you. I would be leery of helping someone if I thought that if/when things didn't go their way they would be firing off emails to people i report to.
  6. Hello! Just a couple of thoughts... If I were you I would try to understand how my real world experience changed me to make be a better candidate so that I might speak to those new strengths/skills in my app. Also, given the results from last round, you might consider applying to some MS programs too. Your app strength may get you in at this level and you could use the experience as a springboard. Good luck! QM
  7. Link to survey of salary data https://www.higheredjobs.com/salary/default.cfm?utm_source=09_17_2019&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SalarySurveyJobSeekers Hope you find it helpful!
  8. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax! When are applications due? How long do you have until these letters are due? If it were me I would call their office and chat.People get a lot of emails and it is quite possible that yours wasn't seen. They may be travelling, on sabbatical, or who knows what else.
  9. Hi everyone! After earning my MS and deciding to stay for the PhD my wife and I bought a house, then bought a different one a year later. A big part of the equation is how much your payment will be vs your income. My wife was using the GI bill, which they would not count as income, just as they may not want to count hourly income. While I am funded in the summer, that didn't come up. I just told them what my annual salary was (which at the time was not much). I had zero debt that had to be counted against me, excellent credit, and a large down payment. That being said, we bought a very small house in a marginal neighborhood. The neighborhood was dodgy enough that we moved in a year. They wouldn't approve me again until the first house had been sold, so I rented it out instead and was able to count the rental income as a 'plus' on the balance sheet. I understand the math on the 'break even timeline' but it doesn't always hold. We bought both places at discounted prices and have renovated them both. We did the work (including installing oak hardwood floors--a lot of sweat equity) and when we sell them we will make money regardless of the length of ownership. I found the work gave me time to reflect and puzzle over my academic pursuits. Just a couple of tips: really make sure you know/like the neighborhood before you buy. Don't tell the mortgage company things they don't ask. As a PhD student I was salaried (which mortgage company likes) but they REALLY don't like 'part-time' and as a student I am at 20 hrs week. However, when I said that I am not part-time, I am half full-time the mortgage brokers said, "I can work with that." Crazy but true. PM me if you want the name of the mortgage co. Good luck, qm
  10. Hi FLPrincessGrad! It is certainly possible. As you think of what you want to do and the is it possible question you might consider how well you are prepared to manage large data sets and how comfortable you are with a computational environment that can manipulate them (e.g. Python, R). Good luck! qm
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum! My wife is a veteran who who used TA then GI Bill when she got out, and I hold an MS Environmental Science and am a PhD candidate in Coastal Systems. I would absolutely wait to use your GI bill. I think that TA can pay for a MS. I would encourage you to continue your line of thinking in your last paragraph. You already have a BS in a challenging discipline which might be enough to get you into an MS program. That being said, I would try to find an online MS program that TA will pay for and enroll. You can get some basic oceanography type stuff under your belt (maybe an ecology course). If you don't compete the program before you are done with your contract it will certainly help your application. I don't think TA will pay for non-degree seeking status, so you will probably have to find a program and enroll. All that being said, what is your endgame? As you approach your strategy for the next 22 months, it would be help me give you suggestions if I knew what you are looking for at the end of the rainbow.... good luck! Q
  12. I have never been one to spend my time doing something I didn't enjoy, so the following is an objective observation but not necessarily what I would do... The success rate of start ups is not great, and while we all plan to.succeed we might want to consider the alternative. If the start up fails will the MS be the credential you need to find fulfilling employment? Also, regarding intellectual property and your university, if they are funding you and you come up with the ideas for the startup while they are paying you there are probably some ownership implications. Good luck!
  13. When @Sigaba says this, the way I understand it is that the thesis option will involve more research and is generally the preferred experience if you plan to continue in academia, while the non-thesis/profession/report track is more appropriate if you plan to enter the workforce upon completion.
  14. Agree with @Bmay80 in terms of looking at an amortization calc. like this https://studentloanhero.com/calculators/student-loan-deferment-calculator/ It is important to remember that you will be charged interest while you are in school, the only deferred part are the payments. So if you borrow 60k in three years you will owe 70k and will be on the hook for around 800$ a month for a decade. ouch. Also remember that at some point you might want to buy a house and your student loan debt counts against your DTI ratio so might be a deal breaker. good luck!
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