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  1. Go ahead and take the funds OP. The only time I'd advise not doing so is if you don't plan to defend. But assuming you do plan to defend and graduate, at some point in the future, you should take the money. I don't think it matters what you intend to do with the money. I view fellowship funding transactionally - you're paid it with the expectation that you put in the work it's buying (e.g., defending the PhD thesis). Who cares how you spend it? Who cares if your timeframe is 7 years instead of 5, and those last 2 years you work full time? That's your business alone. Canada's grad education system is wildly exploitative. The fact we have to pay tuition at all, but especially in upper years once we're out of classes, is ludicrous! Not to mention the poor funding - IMO every single grad student should have funding comparable to a CGS, or at least a SSHRC.
  2. For those curious about how the scores shake up- Last year I was waitlisted with a score of 12.8. I did not get in off the waitlist and I have no idea what my # on the list was because I didn't ask. This year I won the regular SSHRC doctoral with a score of 13.5. Both years I applied to whatever the group/stream that has sociology is.
  3. No need to apologize- that's what the forum is here for! You'll get the max time you're eligible for, so 3 years in your case for the CGS. The number of people in your dept who also got it is irrelevant at this point. Also - congrats!!
  4. Carleton notified me unofficially a few weeks ago, and officially confirmed it yesterday. Both via email, with the official linking to the school portal. Good guess as to timing
  5. oh, yikes. i was perhaps 50% joking, but in all seriousness, that is pretty cold when you have a personal relationship. I hope you got in somewhere else and go on to have a great graduate experience
  6. yeah, like, full offence @ Dwight: I could use some placating over here!!!!
  7. Got rejected from Northwestern as well- got an email to check the portal, and a stock decision letter was available. Blah.
  8. Wow, you are amazing for taking the time to share so much information!!
  9. Congrats!!! I have no info for you about places to avoid, but there is a thread about "lesbian life" that, while it has a different focus (though I don't know your sexuality, so maybe applicable!), speaks about queerphobia, LGBT+ resources on campus, etc. Might be helpful!
  10. Ah, ok, so not all of your problems are solved with the 1 acceptance. But you can have hope until March, plus from the other 3 programs!! Sending good karma your way, my friend.
  11. hindsight and all that. But, hey! I see you have an acceptance! Congrats!!! 1 is really all you need, though more are, of course, always welcome. I haven't officially heard back from anywhere but 2 of the programs admitted other students so I'm assuming the silence = rejection. Blaaaahhhhhh.
  12. This is a strange circumstance! I suppose it's possible that they did a wack of rejections and were sorting through the remainder, but I agree it's unlikely that they'd contact people on an official waitlist before contacting the admits. Maybe wait a few more days and then send an email? Personally, I am regretting only applying to 5 programs. Why didn't I hedge my bets more!?!?
  13. @WorldPeaceMaker2010 they could at least refund the application fee??? not what you actually want, but at least it would sooth the burn
  14. Beals

    Fulbright 2017-2018

    You are a ray of sunshine. Thanks for all the encouragement. Sending positive vibes your way, my friend.
  15. Beals

    Fulbright 2017-2018

    Thank you for the sympathy. I think this award is a bit different than the others because it's for Canadians to study in the US, and I don't even have any acceptances to the US yet, so I'm still more worried about that... but it does suck that the first news I hear from everything is a rejection
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