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  1. They don't sound like they mean well and they do sound like terrible people. If they're not interested in teaching you the skills you need to successfully do research that is not your fault. If they wanted someone who already knew advanced research techniques, they should have hired someone with advanced research techniques - not a fresh college grad. It is the responsibility of senior researchers (postdocs) to mentor new hires with less experience. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of pedagogy would know that showing someone something once and then expecting them to be an expert i
  2. The difficulty I'm facing is that postdoc applications are due 11 months before I plan to graduate, so I need a good number of pubs by Sept 2021, even though I'll probably defend in July/August 2022. By the time I graduate I should have 7, two of which will be co-authored and five sole-authored. Six will be in peer reviewed journals, five of which have an impact factor. One is a book chapter. I'll probably have several under review at that time too. I've learned over the past few years it's hard to make any solid guesses when it comes to publishing though, so who knows! I currently h
  3. Do you mean to find CfPs, or to publish one for a conference you're organizing? If the former, I've had the best experience identifying key conferences in my field and going to their specific websites, and joining a field specific listserve.
  4. An integral part of grounded theory is that analysis is happening at the SAME TIME you're collecting data. So, for example, if you're interviewing subjects you might start off asking certain questions. After each interview (or a small group more realistically) you analyse the data and try to pick out the emerging themes which results in you changing the questions you ask your interview participants. The idea with GT is that you fine ONE main theory and you follow it. So if you start interviews asking questing about A, B, C, and D, and then after analysing you realize something interesting abou
  5. You've received lots of great feedback from others in this thread about how to increase your knowledge and ability to write papers, so I won't touch on that. As for your future in the field: I think most grad students are high achieving people who have always excelled academically - big fish in small ponds during lower levels of schooling. Once we get to grad school that changes, and all of our colleagues are excellent and suddenly our 'amazing' performance is standard. That can be a hard adjustment, further compounded by the fact that failure is an intrinsic part of grad school. E
  6. Hi all, I'm finishing up my PhD in the social sciences in Canada and want to do a postdoc in Australia. I'm familiar with the ARC DECRA and can see that many universities have their own postdoc schemes, but I'm wondering if there are any other opportunities I've missed? It seems strange to me that the only national competition for social sciences would be the DECRA. (it is also bonkers to me that TT profs can apply for the DECRA and that you must have already received your PhD to apply for it - unless it isn't supposed to function as 'postdoc' funding, in which case - where is the po
  7. Go ahead and take the funds OP. The only time I'd advise not doing so is if you don't plan to defend. But assuming you do plan to defend and graduate, at some point in the future, you should take the money. I don't think it matters what you intend to do with the money. I view fellowship funding transactionally - you're paid it with the expectation that you put in the work it's buying (e.g., defending the PhD thesis). Who cares how you spend it? Who cares if your timeframe is 7 years instead of 5, and those last 2 years you work full time? That's your business alone. Canada's grad
  8. For those curious about how the scores shake up- Last year I was waitlisted with a score of 12.8. I did not get in off the waitlist and I have no idea what my # on the list was because I didn't ask. This year I won the regular SSHRC doctoral with a score of 13.5. Both years I applied to whatever the group/stream that has sociology is.
  9. No need to apologize- that's what the forum is here for! You'll get the max time you're eligible for, so 3 years in your case for the CGS. The number of people in your dept who also got it is irrelevant at this point. Also - congrats!!
  10. Carleton notified me unofficially a few weeks ago, and officially confirmed it yesterday. Both via email, with the official linking to the school portal. Good guess as to timing
  11. oh, yikes. i was perhaps 50% joking, but in all seriousness, that is pretty cold when you have a personal relationship. I hope you got in somewhere else and go on to have a great graduate experience
  12. yeah, like, full offence @ Dwight: I could use some placating over here!!!!
  13. Got rejected from Northwestern as well- got an email to check the portal, and a stock decision letter was available. Blah.
  14. Wow, you are amazing for taking the time to share so much information!!
  15. Congrats!!! I have no info for you about places to avoid, but there is a thread about "lesbian life" that, while it has a different focus (though I don't know your sexuality, so maybe applicable!), speaks about queerphobia, LGBT+ resources on campus, etc. Might be helpful!
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