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  1. Hi everyone, I got the email about 20 mins ago, unfortunately I wasn't successful. I'm really pleased for those of you who have been, though! Good luck to all of us moving forward
  2. Really sorry to see this. Thanks for keeping us updated and for the solidarity!
  3. Congrats to those who have been successful!! I wonder if they're going by committee or alphabetically or some other order? I'm so nervous right now! My hands are sweaty, mom's spaghetti...
  4. Ahhh I'm sorry to hear this. I haven't gotten an email yet, I'm assuming it'll take a minute to send them out.
  5. Interesting...maybe as whiterabbit said that's a good sign? Lol this exchange sent me. I feel like we have a very different definition of 'soon' than SSHRC.
  6. A new update on Twitter from SSHRC in response to the person who asked if the expectation that we'll receive our results the week of February 28th has changed: "We are working on it, your email should arrive soon." And then someone asked if they could give some sort of guidelines on what 'soon' means in this case.
  7. It's so odd too that we're into the third year of COVID-19 and so of course some delay is understandable but after two previous cycles of moving this process online and adapting to the pandemic you'd think they would have it figured out. SSHRC was created in like the 1970s, surely by now they have some idea of how to do the same job they do every single year and get out peoples' results...? Hearing how some people's accounts have results, others have none, others have results from last year, it seems like it's just a mess behind the scenes. I know I'm being so salty right now but it's not just for me, I have a lot of friends and also you folks here who have staked a lot on this and have had two weeks now of anxiety and it's so frustrating. And they're such an opaque organization it's not clear to whom these concerns should be addressed or how to remedy any of this.
  8. ...are you kidding me. That is so cruel. What is WRONG with these people? It's moments like these when I wonder why I'm bothering with a postdoc at all when it's so much stress and effort for $45k before taxes and I could be making so much more outside of academia. They say their funding is intended to attract top talent and then they underpay us and can't even give us the decency of knowing an exact date when we'll get results (n.b. I'm not saying I'm among this 'top talent' lol it's just one of their favourite slogans). And they only award 20% of applicants this pittance and so whoever is fortunate enough to be funded is expected to feel so grateful and hashtag blessed. Over it.
  9. Well friends, I think it's probably safe to say we won't be hearing anything today. Hoping we get some news tomorrow and won't have to wait until Friday.
  10. I'm starting to lose hope But also trying to remind myself that there ARE still a few hours left in the day. I suppose the results are just as likely to be posted in the morning as in the afternoon?
  11. Me too. This is SO ridiculous because evidently I'm not going to get an email from SSHRC at like 3 am but I keep waking up every half hour or so to check my phone. Also, I thought this terrible process was just one of the quirks of academia you have to get used to over time, but in talking with international colleagues and collaborating with them on SSHRC grant applications I've seen SO much confusion and irritation with the system on their part. Why is there no set date when results are announced?? Why is it that we're in the year 2022 but it's so difficult for them to release emails or results at once?? Why is there seemingly no rhyme or reason to situations where your application might score higher the year prior and then the next year when you have more publications and presentations and research experience your score plummets?? Why is it often the same groups of people on these review committees?? Why is there so little funding available?? Why are there a million different websites and platforms to submit applications (ResearchNet, Research Portal, the really glitchy 'web based forms') when they're all going to the same funding agency?? I know I'm just ranting now but so many questions...
  12. I think my panic and high levels of anxiety have shifted to despondency today. The stages of grief of the SSHRC funding process.
  13. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just checked the CGS Master's and yeah, the email just said to check the research portal and didn't have any info about the status of the application. I logged onto the MA application portal just now and I do see that on the welcome page it shows my application and then under status it says 'accepted.' For the Vanier it didn't say anything about whether I was successful or not until I actually opened the decision and results letters and I remember that being super nerve-racking.
  14. From my experience the email just states that your results are available on whichever platform but doesn't say whether you've been successful or not. For the Vanier, I got an email saying my results are available on ResearchNet, and then when I logged in I saw two documents, the notice of decision letter and the results letter. I'm pretty sure that was also the case with the CGS Master's.
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