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  1. Just out of curiosity, did anyone else know that they post the selection committee members? I didn't know this beforehand, and I'm wondering if they only release the information after the competition is over, since surely if we all knew who was the committees we wouldn't be able to resist pandering to the relevant committee members in our proposals? https://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/merit_review-evaluation_du_merite/selection_committees-comites_selection/index-eng.aspx
  2. Congrats to all who go it!! I was not funded.
  3. Congratulations!! I'm also Committee 3, so I hope to make it, too. Thanks very much for these details about the scores from your letter.
  4. Nothing for me yet, and I'm a "V" surname. For those of you who got it, how far away did you put your tenure start date? Any hope for those of us who put Jan 2023, the latest possible month?
  5. I received the Application Acknowledgement when I submitted the Postdoc app, so I'm pretty sure they have the correct email. Sounds like they've been having all kinds of technical issues, though.
  6. I can access my Extranet from my Doc application last year, but nothing in it, not even old results. I also haven't received any of the email updates about "the week of Feb 28", etc.
  7. Still nothing in my Extranet. If it's alphabetical, I'm not holding my breath. It'll be the end of the line for me.
  8. Thanks so much for this clarification! Very much appreciated.
  9. Admittedly I don’t have much more detailed info than you’ve got about this, and my picture of it is still fuzzy. I wish this stuff were more transparent! My hunch is that if it is taxed, it’s just at the provincial level, since it’s money from the federal govt that is already derived from taxes? I’m not sure. Any economics fellowship applicants out there? ? Anyways, I hope I’ve not given any misleading information or false hope!
  10. I definitely agree that the pay should be higher, but I believe it is minimally taxed, and to be fair in a Canada that makes a big difference in terms of net income. A 45k/yr govt fellowship is like getting 60k or so gross from a private employer, depending what province you’re in. I’ve seen other postdocs here in Quebec that are 45k, but are administered by a private university that taxes it as standard income, deducts for benefits, etc. That’s a pretty sour deal for sure.
  11. Thank you for voicing this! I share the exact frustrations. At least we know that by the end of this week we will all have some closure.
  12. Yes, I think you're probably right. The website indicates their service standards, which are that notifications are sent out "before or on the last day of the month". Although, they then weasel out of that commitment by stating that they strive to meet that standard "90% of the time", ha! Per the website: For applications submitted through SSHRC eligible institutions, SSHRC will release the results to applicants within 30 business days of providing notification to institutions. For applications submitted directly to SSHRC, SSHRC will release the results to applicants on or before the last day of the month specified for the relevant competition. SSHRC aims to meet these service standards 90% of the time. https://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/service/standards-normes-eng.aspx
  13. Fingers crossed that the when SSHRC says "the week of Feb 28" they aren't so cold as to release on Wednesday or Friday. We could be in for another week of waiting, although at least we know this is the last one. Good luck all!
  14. Anyone else get that sinking feeling that SSHRC is going to be so robotically bureaucratic as to withhold the results until Monday because technically that's the "end of the month" ?? Come on SSHRC, give us a little mercy!
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