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  1. Forum for those interested in the McCourt School of Public Policy MPP for Fall 2022 start
  2. You can be hateful all you want, but it might help if you were my curious rather than judgmental. This video might help illustrate it for you: Because if you were curious and asked my why I give my thoughts in a blunt manner, I would say something like. - I graduated from graduate school 3 times (full scholarship each time)... twice focused on higher ed in different ways - Had the six figure salary out of grad school twice - Had the press clippings/social media postings for my accomplishments set but I wish much of it never happened. I wish someone could tell me the c
  3. I recommend you look into MBA/Data Analytics Dual Degree programs then. A good one is UVA. I know others have good ones too. It is easier to pivot into your areas of interest with a technical + operations background than a pure policy one - granted it will take some work no matter what. As for scholarship - for MBA schools, they will pay to boost their GMAT averages that is published on US News. Covid might have changed things a bit, but by in large, GRE averages aren't published - so there is no incentive to scholarship people for rock star GREs. Going into a dual degree might help
  4. What are you trying to do with you career? Speaking in general, I wouldn’t give up on MBA yet (assuming it is right for you), because assuming you get a rockstar GMAT score, you could get some serious scholarships
  5. You sound like an international student. It is actually a super amazing program + Nashville is an awesome town. Sure it doesn't have the Harvard brand, but in the world of education (at least in the US) - that makes next to no difference
  6. They have stats from 2018 for MPP - https://heller.brandeis.edu/mpp/careers/outcomes.html Which is super misleading because that was a good year at large due to economy strength and public policy activation. They should be honest like other schools and post class of 2020. How they aren't posting 2020 means there is something they are hiding - either bad stats or bad operations. Yes, adult cost of living - NYC will lose. But grad school can be less since you don't have to worry about car costs. Also, commuting from expensive neighborhoods (Cambridge and BackBay). I mean different lif
  7. Where do I start: - Academics - super weak on quant, which means really diminishes the range of jobs you are truly eligible for in the policy space whereby you would compete with other MPPs/MPAs. Also relatively limited academic range - Brand value - not great, lower 3rd tier at best... (if HKS/SPIA are top tier and Duke Terry Sanford and USC Price are 2nd - Career placement - they don't show stats (usually that is for a reason). Also some of the people they illustrate as success stories are entering jobs at lower levels than the average post-grad - Community - lots of in-g
  8. You need to avoid Heller like the plague. Just read other posts about Heller for the details. I can speak to it at length as well.
  9. It is both normal and not helpful to you career prospects. I recommend you consider areas of interest and shoot for it. The worst thing to do is to do nothing and stagnant - really hurts your resume.
  10. So this is how I think about it. - Unless, you really want to live in NYC - there is no point in NYU - it simply isn't as good as a problem period (can talk about it in detail). - Unless you really want to love San Diego life or do something China related - I don't understand UCSD - If you want to be a diplomat and work with IOs, I would not do an MPP, especially when UCLA's is more domestic focused - I think this is really a race between SAIS, Elliot, and Walsh. If you really want to get in the data side of things, SAIS wins. If there is a niche that Elliot has t
  11. So you have two groups of schools on your radar. a. Focused study MA programs (i.e. Georgetown American government) - I think that is fine for immediately after undergrad b. Professional Terminal degree programs (MPP/MPA) - that I strongly recommend you get more work experience. For the remainder of this, I'll speak specifically to MPA/MPP programs 1. Yes - not only will you be a bit more competitive, but you would be a lot more competitive. It is one thing if you had a 4.0 GPA in something more math oriented like Economics. However, since you have Bs, no matter how gr
  12. I strongly advise you to get some work experience rather than go straight to grad school. Also, a lot of the schools you highlight (like Wagner) are famous for having a weak community.
  13. You should be golden assuming your essays and recommendations are solid (that could be the deciding factor for you)
  14. If truly love Economics McCourt is probably the best option here to get a PhD from here. Granted an MPP is not the best way forward for a PhD regardless. Its a professional terminal degree for a reason. That being said, if you can maintain an above 3.8 GPA (more realistically 3.9) and be loved by professors at McCourt, you are solid for going to a top notch PhD in Economics. I know someone who went to PhD in Politics and another who did Economics. If you dip below 3.8, then you can kiss you top ranked PhD dreams good bye (unless you got another ace up your sleeve)
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