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  1. I am sorry to hear that your paper got rejected. But I hope you feel better in me saying that you are not alone. A LOT of academics get their papers rejected in their life, probably everyone. Almost everyone's first paper gets rejected. I know faculty to this day who papers are still rejected. Take the advice that is given to you from the rejecters and make it better/work on it. You will probably get rejected again (maybe not, but maybe so) and its OKAY. You are not the first and you won't be the last. It happens to everyone and it will happen to you again. If not on this paper, probably others. So please, take time for yourself to heal and then take this energy and do productive things with it. Being a Ph.D. Student (or anyone in any career) means you will hear more NO then Yes in your lifetime. Don't let the fear of NOs scare you from your goals. If you can't get passed this, then I'd say maybe a Ph.D. isn't for you because rejection comes with the territory, from papers, fellowships, awards, assistantships, book deal etc.
  2. I'm in the social sciences. You may want to check your department cause that's uncommon. Are you in masters or Ph.D. ?
  3. Are you both in Master programs or Ph.D. programs? I can say that most Ph.D. programs have given out offers with funding allocations to students already (either in the form of GA/RA/TA/Fellowship). If the program didn't have funding, they would have pulled/rescinded offers at this point, like some schools. But its very strange to have been admitted and not be told of your funding package information, especially now that we are in July. I say contact your department again... but sadly, they may be stringing you along or honestly fighting for funding if funding was cut unexpectedly. At this point, transparency is important so I would call for a meeting.
  4. I'm going to Rutgers in the fall and I received my funding package, which includes 3 years NSF funding + 3 years TA funding.... Its very odd that you haven't received your funding package. Everyone (to my knowledge) in my cohort received their package (which includes TAing) before April 15th... what department are you in?
  5. It's plenty normal for professors to submit letters on the deadline date (annoying but normal). However, I would say to have a back up plan i.e. back up rec writers to substitute for the other two professors. If the deadline is in three days, it is troublesome (and calls for worry) that they have not responded to any of your emails to at least inform you that they haven't forgotten. Don't be discouraged and keep emailing them. It is their responsibility to communicate with you since they accepted your request to write the letter on your behalf. So don't feel like you are bothering them by emailing! Even if they are bothered (and spitefully/passively relay it to you), don't feel bad cause its ultimately a reflection of them. Yes professors are busy but they too should be mindful of deadlines and know that they should at least inform students that it will delivered on time. So continue emailing everyday until you get a response. A tip for the future, I would recommend giving rec writers an earlier deadline (3 days before or so) so this way you have time to ask for back ups from trusted individuals. Assigning a slightly earlier deadline can also put your mind at ease. Just my advice. As of now just email them but also contact other professors who can do you a solid quickly and well!
  6. CeXra

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Thanks for your help! I'll be sure to hit you up if I have anymore questions.
  7. CeXra

    New Brunswick, NJ

    I'll consider it for the future, but I think I'll rely on bus routes for now. As for grocery shopping, I can do that online through subscription services if need be. So far it appears Highland Park has good bus routes to Rutgers NB. I am located in the Douglass Campus so even living in Downtown NB is ideal. But I also like the idea of living in a safe area, which Highland Park is good for. So I am aiming for HP, anywhere near the 815 or 818 bus or others that can take me over the bridge.
  8. CeXra

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Ahh. Make sense. I've been mainly looking through craigslist, so I'll try those complexes. I don't have a car, so I don't know if North Brunswick would be good for me. I need to live in a place near Bus Routes. Thank you for your help! Yeah, as for houses as apartments, I don't mind... I just don't want to live in a house where the landlords also stay.. so like family homes. And yeah, not interested in group housing, so I will be avoiding those. I am using the Rutgers NB housing page on FB and its basically a bunch of undergrads trying to lease their room off because they know classes are over for the Fall. Like a lot of post trying to rent out their room/take over their lease for the upcoming year... so hopefully there are complexes leasing affordable spaces.
  9. CeXra

    New Brunswick, NJ

    I am very cheapp lol.... But currently my budget is 1k-1.2k (hopefully there are covid reduction prices since a lot of students may stay where they are due to online learning)... My stipend will most definetely cover my cost of living (34k a year/3 years + 30k a year/3 years)... so 6 years total... and hopefully the RA position is something I get (I find out late July) as that will only boost my income. But until that RA position is confirmed, my budget is 1k-1.2k I don't even mind living in a large studio tbh.
  10. CeXra

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Reviving old thread. I'm heading to Rutgers, NB this fall. I wanted to inquire about housing. I got an external fellowship + an RA Position at an organization (hopefully), so I am looking for housing in Highland Park or Downtown NB... Any suggestions on where I could look to find a 1 bedroom apartment? I do not want roommates or flatmates, so any suggestions on where to look would be great. I am also looking to move in September 1st or August 1.
  11. And I would like to apologize to the OP about this whole back and forth with other users. It was not my intention to stray away from the topic. I just had to speak up about something I saw that didn't sit right with me. I do hope you got some answers to your question and found a way to frame it in your application!
  12. Okay, you all can have your opinions but I stand firm on what I posted. It is not okay to state "you don't seem invested in the process enough to be worth accepting as a student." As an academic that is for inclusivity, I was obviously triggered by the disrespect my peers choose to insert. That's a full of it sentence that was fueled by that person's bias on the OP's motivation to enroll in a Ph.D. program (which was not the OP's reason for opening this forum page I will add). And it was plain disrespectful. If you all think that type of language is alright or okay, than that is on you all. I am tired of the narrative or perspective of "one type" of graduate student. The reality is there are different motivations so why downplay or shame others people for having different motivations. And yes the OP clarified that they are very passionate about psychology and research, but even if they weren't it shouldn't have matter. They laid out a clear plan and reason as to why getting a Ph.D. would be useful for them i.e. to help their current career. So I disagreed with that person's opinionated remark that reflected his/her bias who also did not at the time answer the question the OP provided, which was to find out how to format or go about the funding inquiry. And yes, even I agreed with you and stated "Also, the biggest lesson here is that your post can be interpreted in different ways. How you framed it didn't bother me but it appeared to ruffle some feathers... So watch how you frame it in discussions and in emails." So again, the bulk of the people in this forum stating they agree with Psyche007 honestly baffles me because that person did not answer the OP's original question nor stated that the OP should be careful on how they frame this matter because it can rub some people the wrong way. We are clearly saying the same thing but okay then. I am triggered? Sure, I will take that because I am tired of people being disrespected. And I provided a response answering the OPs question: Anyways, to the author of the post. Personally, I think you can say in your application that you have external funding that will cover the stipend/cost of living (once/if you get accepted you can elaborate). I say frame it like that so this way you can be offered a tuition waver. I also suggest framing it this way so that you don't let this matter take up the bulk of your statement since some departments may not care. So, in your statement, only three-four sentences is needed towards the bottom and you can explain the rest over the phone/in person/email if you are admitted. And I continued to write two more paragraphs addressing the OP initial question. But go off. And yes, to your remark "how are you not doing the same thing back?!"... so its a problem now to call someone out on their disrespect? So aren't you now (by your own logic) being full of yourself? So let us honestly not do that. Again, for those who did not completely read my response to Psyche007, I have no problem with their opinion that they feel the OP (based on what they wrote) feels above or entitled or may rub some people the wrong way. Many of you feel that way and I didn't directly respond to you all. My problem lies with the clear disrespect of his statement. Who is that person to decided who is "worth accepting as a student." Who is that person to decide if someone's motivation is not good enough (what he/she really means, moral enough) to get a Ph.D.? That is not that person's job to decide. That is what I was originally upset about and yes upset and that is OKAY. And to your point "Yes, many people don't do a PhD out of a deep passion for the field, but very few would express that. That being said, I don't think its wrong to ask people whether they're really want to do a PhD." And why is that very few would express that? Time and time again students are shamed by professors and their peers instead of listened to when it comes to their reasons for pursuit. And its alright to ask questions to see if a Ph.D. is something a person truly wants. I never said it wasn't. And that is not what Psyche007 was doing. The OP clearly (multiple times) explained why a Ph.D. from a accredited institution is best for them as opposed to an online certificate or a purchased Ph.D. but for some reason that answer was not good enough. The matter of the fact is that the OP gave a good reason (and they did not have to give you all any reason) that was not only disregarded by Psyche007 but it was also put down as if the OP is using or taking advantage of academia or something. That was my only problem and I called it out. And I stand by it. Its alright to have different motivations if they make sense. But the OP did not originally ask for anyone's opinion over their motivations to pursue a Ph.D. So once the OP gave it, whether or not you agreed with its morality, it shouldn't have been questioned disrespectfully or put down, which yes that person did. So I addressed that person, while also providing a thorough response to the OP's original question. And to this remark: "but the way you go after people is not OK." Do not generalize my response to this one person about this one matter as an indicator of how I reply to comments. I was upset at the disrespect this one person showed and I responded in a manner you do not agree with. It's within your right to respond to me but lets be fair now because how he responded was not OK. Last thing I will say on the matter.
  13. Nah, you're response, although your opinion, was very undermining and judgmental. How are you gonna tell someone you don't know "You don't seem invested in the process." An ass hat statement.You were judging the individual and didn't really, in my opinion, try to give any real answer as to how the person can go about the way. I'm immature? If you say so. And yes I was very triggered at your responses, which was met with my "wall" that called you out. And again, you were obviously pressed or should I say, insecure, since you perceived the author to be full of his/herself based on her accomplishments and what she brings to the table, which again I don't know what you skipped over, but the person wrote some. Your statements, in my opinion, was condescending and judgmental and was met with a response. And again, your response didn't address how the author could go about writing it in their application AT ALL. Just your extra opinion on the matter was included, whether right or wrong.
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