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  1. I’m not sure if there is a program that does this. It’s quite a niche field. You may need to build your own degree at a school that offers law, forensics, art history, and museum studies altogether, especially since your career goal similarly isn’t a position that just exists - you’ll need to build a brand for yourself and market yourself as such, I think it will end up being like a private investigator type of situation, and you may need those credentials as well.
  2. roving99

    Fall 2021

    Given the current climate of the world, I would 100% choose the school with better funding. Both of those are great programs and the cost of living at UI will be much less than DC. DC is a nightmare.
  3. This is a crummy experience. I’m so sorry this is how you’ve been treated during a time when students need support the most. Unfortunately, your experience is a relatively common one. Many many terminal masters programs are just cash cows for their respective universities and students end up with the short end of the stick in a majority of these situations. I would continue to badger them. You need SOMETHING out of them, not just pure dismissal.
  4. roving99


    For me, 0$. I would NOT have pursued the MA/PhD if I was not fully funded. It’s not worth it - the time it will take to get you out from under that debt considering the academic job market just won’t add up. Especially now since we have no idea what the job market will be looking like the next few years.
  5. You should also look at Rutgers. Tatiana Flores is a stellar scholar and recent hires have really bolstered the program. (Nicole Fleetwood, amber Wiley.) There is also a very good Latin American/Latino studieS program there as well.
  6. I agree. There’s potential there for it to be 50% or more online to promote social distancing, especially in relatively major metropolitan areas. If you are taking out major loans to go to places like NYU, Columbia, Temple, SAIC, I would highly advise to reconsider the fall semester. I don’t think you will be getting what you are paying for. however, if you have a funded masters or PhD offer, I see no reason why not to continue. In my program, professors are acutely aware of the struggle and will go out of their way to bring incoming students up to speed as soon as possible. Also, w
  7. You shouldn’t have to respond until April 15th. It’s an agreed upon date by accredited institutions. Sounds fishy to me if they have a deadline before then.
  8. I agree with many of the above posters. If you are interested in pursuing the PhD or anything above these masters programs, DO NOT attend a program which requires countless loans and monetary input unless you are independently wealthy. IFA and Columbia ARE cash cows. It is not only talked about on gradcafe but also in the academic world. I am in my second year of a university PhD and people mention it all the time. They don’t have a stellar reputation, regardless of their university name.
  9. New Brunswick is really not rural! I went to undergrad in rural Pennsylvania and worked for a year in NYC. Central NJ, in general, is definitely more urban/suburban, though obviously not as much as NYC and LA. New Brunswick itself feels very urban. Many people live in Newark, Brooklyn, or Manhattan and commute down into Rutgers if that's a concern for you, as well. It is only about a 45-minute train ride from Penn Station if you time it right to get on the express train. I personally have two people in my tiny cohort who are commuting from the upper west side and from Newark, respectively.
  10. In an application world where committees are sometimes going through hundreds of apps, I'd suggest following the instructions as closely as possible. Not following instructions can sometimes be reason enough to get thrown out of the running. If Stanford said 20 pages max, I would cap it at 20 max. Can you condense your images to 2 pages and/or remove some for the sake of the sample? With that being said, I had my best luck in using dumb loopholes to get around the word count (11 pt font vs. 12, decreasing line spacing by a very small increment, etc. My professor actually suggested them to
  11. I think this REALLY depends on the individual program. A lot of programs don't fund their MA students in order to save funding for Ph.D. candidates, or at least it seems to be pretty common from everything i've seen on the boards and from my own application round this past fall. I'll be attending a large public state school in the fall, fully funded, but again, it will be the BA-PhD program. I don't think they fund MA-only candidates. I also know, however, that Columbia does not fund MA candidates in my field, they only fund Ph.D. students. Not sure if my thoughts help at all, but an
  12. Hi, all! I'll be attending Rutgers (New Brunswick) for a PhD program in the fall, and am hoping to connect with anyone else who might be entering into an MA/PhD/etc, as well. Please do shoot me a reply or a direct message if you'd prefer - I'd love to connect with some new people! I haven't seen too many posts about Rutgers this cycle.
  13. I think you will likely be best served by filtering through faculty listings at schools you are interested in. Also, find books and articles which you have read and liked, and research whether or not those scholars currently teach and where they do so. The only one I can suggest looking into is Eric Thuno at Rutgers, he's not near retirement yet. (Not my field, so I really don't know many!)
  14. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Wow, I didn’t realize the cohort was going to be that small. Thanks for the info, and the best of luck to you!!!!!!
  15. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Would any Rutgers admits care to message me? Haven’t seen too many on the boards!
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