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  1. roving99

    Writing Samples with Images

    In an application world where committees are sometimes going through hundreds of apps, I'd suggest following the instructions as closely as possible. Not following instructions can sometimes be reason enough to get thrown out of the running. If Stanford said 20 pages max, I would cap it at 20 max. Can you condense your images to 2 pages and/or remove some for the sake of the sample? With that being said, I had my best luck in using dumb loopholes to get around the word count (11 pt font vs. 12, decreasing line spacing by a very small increment, etc. My professor actually suggested them to me when I ran into the same problem. Another differing factor is using footnotes vs. endnotes, and whether or not you will include a bib or just use full citations in your footnotes/endnotes. My page difference was actually three pages between the two!) Some apps won't specify images and others will ask for NO images. I added my images at the end, which I could choose to use or not to use depending on length. I went with a happy-medium 15 or so pages of text and then adjusted as necessary for each program. That worked out well for me over 8 applications.
  2. roving99

    Are public universities just stingy with scholarship money?

    I think this REALLY depends on the individual program. A lot of programs don't fund their MA students in order to save funding for Ph.D. candidates, or at least it seems to be pretty common from everything i've seen on the boards and from my own application round this past fall. I'll be attending a large public state school in the fall, fully funded, but again, it will be the BA-PhD program. I don't think they fund MA-only candidates. I also know, however, that Columbia does not fund MA candidates in my field, they only fund Ph.D. students. Not sure if my thoughts help at all, but an interesting topic nonetheless.
  3. roving99

    Rutgers University 2018

    Hi, all! I'll be attending Rutgers (New Brunswick) for a PhD program in the fall, and am hoping to connect with anyone else who might be entering into an MA/PhD/etc, as well. Please do shoot me a reply or a direct message if you'd prefer - I'd love to connect with some new people! I haven't seen too many posts about Rutgers this cycle.
  4. roving99

    Byzantine Scholars

    I think you will likely be best served by filtering through faculty listings at schools you are interested in. Also, find books and articles which you have read and liked, and research whether or not those scholars currently teach and where they do so. The only one I can suggest looking into is Eric Thuno at Rutgers, he's not near retirement yet. (Not my field, so I really don't know many!)
  5. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Wow, I didn’t realize the cohort was going to be that small. Thanks for the info, and the best of luck to you!!!!!!
  6. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Would any Rutgers admits care to message me? Haven’t seen too many on the boards!
  7. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Awesome, thank you for the info! Do you happen to have any idea if interviews are standard for all admits or if interviews go out on a rolling basis as well?
  8. roving99

    Fall 2018

    I am wondering if perhaps we are the ones being considered for the MA, rather than the PhD?? Also, there's still the possibility of being waitlisted. Seems like a lot of PhD admits went out already, and some rejections. My assumption is that we are still in the running!
  9. roving99

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Are you planning on getting an apartment or living on-campus? Rutgers offers two or three apartment-style housing situations that are for grad students only, so that might be an option. They also have an online portal for off-campus information, and a lot of times it mentions whether the lister is UG or grad. There is a Whole Foods about 15 minutes away near Edison(where I am based), though there might be another that is closer. Farmers markets are the kinds of places that have the best produce, though Stop and Shop can have some good stuff too. I find the selection definitely decent. A general not to keep in mind is that, unlike Texas, there are some foods you just cannot get/shouldn’t bother with in the winter. The end up being shipped in from all over and not good quality. I cannot speak to dog friendliness in New Brunswick specifically, but generally speaking, NJ is not quite as dog friendly as Texas/Arkansas, etc. the city has cleaned up a lot of the “bad” areas near New Brunswick in recent years, and the commute would be feasible from many cities in the area. From Edison, it is a 20-30 minute ride. (I am also considering attending for a PhD program) Plainfield/South Plainfield, Metuchen, and Somerville are all commutable, though all north of the river. I don’t have a ton of knowledge base for anything south of New Brunswick.
  10. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Best of luck - I know acceptances tend to come through in waves. My subfield is contemporary!
  11. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Hey @texasod I randomly Checked the status website last night and found an acceptance waiting for me, just FYI!
  12. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Rutgers app over here as well, but nothing on my end so far!
  13. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Same here!
  14. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Sounds like you guys are still in the running. Congrats! Here is what the portal looks like when you have a decision, just FYI.
  15. roving99

    Fall 2018

    Log in as usual and scroll to the bottom. There should be a link that says something along the lines of "decision notification as of (02/16/2018). It looks like another row of info but its actually a link to the decision document.

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