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  1. baerga

    Fall 2021

    I noticed that there still isn't a thread for Fall 2021 applicants, so I figured I would go ahead and create one. Having submitted my final application earlier this week (to Columbia, one of five in total), I'm interested to hear about everyone's experiences in the current environment, in addition to helpful advice from current grad students. Best of luck to everyone! Field: Early Modern (Southern Europe)
  2. If the scores are optional do not submit them. Especially philosophy where you will have logicians scoring above 90th percentile for quant. I'm sure you know that acceptance rates for philosophy are below 5%, so make sure all other aspects of your application are top notch. Comp Lit is more about language skills, references, interests and papers / thesis. Comp Lit professors do not care about GRE scores in my experience. Hope this helps.
  3. I would definitely talk about it. Use it as an opportunity to assert your maturity outside of the classroom and to compliment your academic gifts. Provide specific examples. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm also applying to the department but in a different specialization. I would email her directly and ask if she's taking students. Otherwise just go with your other POI option(s).
  5. Hey there, Would anyone like to do a Statament of Purpose swap? Mine is for Art History PhD programs; willing to swap with other Humanities PhD candidates. Thanks!
  6. Does your advisor have relationships (even tangentially) to faculty at the programs that you were dissuaded against applying to? I would weigh her reply against that fact. There's many wonderful programs with funding below the top twenty (I am in the same place myself, applying this cycle).
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