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  1. Just got my Weill Cornell IMP rejection. I really felt that I bonded with my interviewers...
  2. Yeah I'm bummed because I really had my hopes up for WCM
  3. Waiting it out is giving me such unnecessary anxiety
  4. Yeah I contacted the program and they said next week, bc the last round of interviews is this week
  5. immunology within the school of medicine
  6. Just got rejected from GSK after interviewing. Honored to be interviewed but the program wasn't a good fit for me anyway
  7. Has anyone gotten an acceptance/rejection from Sloan Kettering? Historically, they seem to make decisions around this time
  8. I feel you. I definitely tried to take breaks and walk around when possible. Like during student/interviewee only time, I would politely excuse myself for a stretch or bathroom break
  9. Oficially rejected from Sinai and UPenn. I am not upset, I was just tired of not knowing lol
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