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  1. Conngrats on your next round! I haven't found anything about the interviewers on the Canvas site. So, could we choose the interested faculty in this round like picking up some names on the list? Or we are still arranged by the committee....
  2. It is ok, it is really really competitive this year. I don't know what institutions you have applied but I think no news is not equal to bad news. Some institutions will release the invites at the early of Jan so you still get a chance! Also, I know the PhD program in Toronto is still open, you can go there to find sth out and maybe you will get some interested faculty. You still have time! And don't loose hope. My target track is immuno and I was rej by tons of my favourite programs at the middle of Dec including Yale and WUSTL. I was devastated at that time but my professor told me, life is
  3. Thanks! It is so nice of you to share with this hopeful news! My target track is immuno and I have seen an applicant posted the interview invitation three days ago so I guess....... I think the invitations are sent at one time from the same track. But your reply really gives me some hope. Best luck with your app and merry christmas!
  4. I also want to know the update!!! I REALLY like that program. I saw a post of interview on the result page three days ago but I haven't seen more posts and debates. BTW, I am an international student. I once contacted a POI there and he said the review process began on the second week of December. I don't know if they have sent all the invitations and I got a silent rej. The app page stated that the virtual interview is on 12/13 Jan. If you have heard anything, plz let me know! Thanks!
  5. Too many apps but limited resources. But keep fighting! I think we both will get more invitations soon!
  6. Also haven't got anything from Pitts! It seems that they did a rolling review...I tried to contact a POI in neurobiology program there and she said they were already at winter break so she could only helped me find sth out at the beginning of new year. I hope that they send the invitations in batches caz I have received tons of rej at this point....
  7. I got the interview from Vilcek this morining, the interview date is on 28th Feb and 1st Mar. I am an international student. My target track is immunology. Maybe different tracks release the interview invitations at different times. Any news from Rockefeller? I saw some posts in the result page...It seems that Yale immunology program also released all the interview invitations already...(really sad, it seems very competitive this year....)
  8. Has Yale pushed out the interview of immunology program???? I didn't get anything god!!!
  9. Okay, thanks! Good luck with your application to Harvard University!
  10. Good luck with your application! I am preparing PPT for the possible interviews right now. Do you have any ideas what should we put on it?
  11. me! I applied for the immunology program at Harvard!
  12. You got so many interviews!!! You must be very excellent! I am applying for the biomedical program this year and have submitted all of the applications. Now I am preparing PPT for the possible interviews. Could you please share with me what else I should put in my PPT except for the research. What kind of questions they will ask? I had no idea.....
  13. Hello all! I am applying for the immunology program in the US and have finished all the applications. Could you please tell me how to prepare for the possible interviews? I don't know what else I should put in except for the research. And I have no idea what kind of questions they will ask.....It seems that interviews for international applicants will be scheduled online.....
  14. Hello, do anyone know how to prepare for the possible interviews???I have finished all the application and now I am composing my PPT but I don't know what else I should put in except for the research. Besides, what kind of questions they will ask?
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