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  1. Thank you very much!!! You have already given me so much info and helped me clear my thoughts. Now I see what the "encouraging you to contact POI in advance" is like. Well....I don't really know if that is the so-called "contact".... I started to write emails to him since last December for the SURF(which he told me the recruitment was up to the committee) and I was rejected finally. Then now my application season comes and I contacted him again as well as talked about his research. He repled to me like 5 times and he insisted that he won't give me an interview individually because it is
  2. Thanks for your detailed info!!! It’s so nice of you and I do want to apply for their own Ph.D grogram. Actually, I decide to apply for some Immunology programs this fall and RU is always my dream school. However, when I tried to contact my POI, he told me that he couldn’t completely decide the app progress(which I think he wants to tell me it is no use contacting with him…) Then I read the guide material on its website, which writes that it is not a must for students to rotate and the candidates can just stay in their own labs(which I think that hints students should contact their interested
  3. Hello, thanks for the sharing! And I am wondering if you know the situation of Rockefeller University. Is there friendly to the international students?(I am glad to see that those in NYC you listed are friendly to the international students)
  4. Hahahahah, I see what you mean, got it now! Thanks for your advice, good luck to your research!
  5. Okay...Sad to know this. Cause I want to contact the prof in advance but I don't know if that will work. Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, I do want to apply for Rockefeller, too. My target field is Immunology. Do you know if Rockefeller is a strong committee university? Cause when I try to contact my favourite immunology Prof there, he replied me that he is only part of the selection and the committee decides it. I want to know if that is true since I am wondering if he rejects me.....Thanks a lot
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