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  1. You all are probably sick of my posts. I've been a board hog these past months. Please forgive me..!!!! However, I think this topic may be of help to people in the future. Couldn't find another one like it in the database. I got into two programs that I am still deciding on. Problem: After writing strong statements of purpose (each with different research proposals), my thesis "goals" have changed. Not DRASTICALLY - I still want to research something in rural sociology in one, and technology in the other -- but my ideas have definitely changed. I had told one program I wanted to research rural violence, but now I want to do something in rural conservation, for example. Am I tied down? I am panicking because I realized that I REALLY do not want to research the specific projects I mentioned in my purpose statement .
  2. Thank you for all of your answers. I cannot get over how helpful this forum is. Mostly I hate the internet and "technology", but I'll be darned if this forum is not a veritable boon to prospective graduate students in sociology.
  3. Thank you! And I am feeling hopeful after reading the life advice! Haha! I guess I really need to ask about the nature of the grant I've been invited to work on. Do you think they normally would have included this information in my offer letter?
  4. Okay, I see. Thanks for this. I'm quite nervous now! Goodness gracious, I don't have a stats course under my belt ( I only minored in sociology ) and they gave me the only GRA position in the department. Apparently I'd be working with the program director on a grant. Gulp. Do you have experience with working on a grant? She wrote, "As you will be working on a grant, your duties will include assisting me with evaluation and planning, collecting and analyzing data, and assisting with reporting and logistics. I found a free introductory class to SPSS, but I don't know if this will prepare me in time. I imagine I'd have to invest in a real class to actually learn SPSS well. Geez... should I ask if they can give me a TA position instead? But I really would like to accept this position....! Assisting in research would be ideal, but I just don't know if I have the knowledge at this point to start right away!!!
  5. I suppose I should ask about the nature of the research, and the amount of statistical ability requires to perform well in the role of a RA? Could I be overthinking this? Could it be more administrative and data entry?
  6. Hello! Can anyone help this frazzled person out? I received two funded offers. The first was a TA position, the second a Research Assistant position. Now, let me be straight. Math is not my strength; I aim to do qualitative work. I also do not have experience with SPSS or other similar tools. This will be my first time doing research. Will I be way unprepared for this?
  7. Forgive me for abusing this forum with my questions. This is the last, I hope! I am choosing between two different master's programs. One requires "Analytics for Social and Behavioral Sciences", and the other requires "Social Statistics." Now, I passed general math in undergrad by doing it online and spending afternoons with tutors. I would have failed otherwise. Now I have this obstacle to enter into the field of Sociology. Which of those two classes may require less actual math? My impression is that Analytics is more about methods of using statistics, while social statistics are more about learning the actual math. How foolish is this notion of mine? Thank you in advance, Lorenzen
  8. As usual, I am turning to this forum for advice. Thank you in advance for taking a look at thus topic. I was offered an assistantship position in a Sociology Master's program that provides tuition and a stipend. It is stated that this has been granted for 2018-2019, and then I would have to apply for it again. If my performance is not good enough as a student and TA, it may not be renewed. If a department gives you funding the first year, how likely is it to be renewed the second year if you are a good TA and student? I am nervous to commit to a program and then have the "carpet" pulled out from under me. Sincerely, AfraidOfDebt
  9. I am going to state the following as a theory: NF types ( Enfp, Infp, Enfj, Infj) are "bleeding heart" types in sociology who are the ones specializing in land conservation and water rights, native american issues, social justice, racism.... As an INFP, sociology is very attractive because of the possibility of helping the disadvantaged through research and public policy.
  10. May I ask what your research interests are? I am curious! My closest friend is an ISTJ and he is an extremely disciplined person with a good sense between right and wrong and is someone people can depend on. If you are anything like that, you would be a good person to have in a department. In a sea of "Intuitives" who dream a lot and get pretty lost in the clouds of thought, Sensing types can bring us down to earth and show us how to put policy into practice, make sure deadlines are followed, and conduct research with a rigorous eye for detail. Or all of that which I wrote above could be B.S.!!! In either case, I do have a lot of fun with personality theory and I believe it can help us understand differences in schools and work places.
  11. Kevin, Thank you for your reply to my topic. It has definitely clarified for me what I need to do to start the discussion. But may I ask you another question? How can I conclude such a conversation with the department head? I fear that she will say " well, are you waffling on our program? You must decide by next week if you want to attend or leave." Oh dear, I lack social tact. This would come easily to another person, but I have to consider these things carefully lest I muddle everything up.
  12. I feel so tacky and sneaky even making this post. Let me explain!!! My alma mater and dream grad program in my state admitted me to their Master's in Sociology program, but did not offer funding. They said that if I applied in my last year of the program, I would likely get an assistantship. Another school I applied to offered me a very generous offer of assistantship and tuition funding, and yet another school offered me an assistantship and in-state tuition. I already made it clear to the Department head of the program I covet that I would greatly appreciate funding if any offers were declined. Now I have these letters offering me funding in different states. What would it look like if I met with her and told her about these other offers, and implied that if I received funding from my first choice school (her program), it would make my decision of where to go much easier?
  13. Thank you for these replies. This forum is so helpful.
  14. Hello all, I got a generous fully funded offer from a master's program in the South. In the letter, it said to contact the department if I wanted to visit the campus, and arrangements could be made. Now, what do you suppose these arrangements could be? Does this mean we will have someone show you around the campus, or could it be a flight ticket? I live in the far north and can go have lunch in Canada and be back by dinner. I cannot afford to visit this place, but I deeply wish to do so because I am nervous about spending a few years in a place I know nothing about. Any insights? Would it be too bold and assuming to ask the department about the nature of the arrangements? Thank you all for your help, L
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