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  1. I think we are now all aware of that google doc, and have been bombarded in facebook feeds and otherwise with news of hiring freezes and furloughs. It would be nice if the thread can at least stay positive (any success in the market or ideas on how to move past it?) instead of being another forum for alarmism and fear mongering--there are just too many of those, no matter how "right" it might be.
  2. @Faith786 Congrats on your interviews and thanks for sharing your news! It's a good sign to see that positions are being postponed and not cancelled altogether. Out of curiosity, are you in the sciences? I'm pretty sure most humanities searches are in the low season now, so I was just wondering what fields hire around this time of the year. I was taking a look at the list of hiring freezes The Professor Is In posted. It is indeed confusing. Although she does claim that the listings are unverified, it's really hard to tell what exactly these freezes mean and how long they will la
  3. I was asking an investor friend some general question about stock market trends the other day, to which he replied, "historical precedent went out the window a long time ago." I think it's safe to assume the same thing for placement statistics. Those statistics don't really tell you much anyway. Historically strong programs go through ups and downs, as does everything in life. So, if it were me, I'd take it with a grain of salt. Especially if you are looking at anything that's more than just a couple years old.
  4. Thanks for sharing the link-- I've heard that some schools are cancelling searches and not extending offers--that really sucks. And that would be terrible to be laid off as a tenured faculty member! 😯 I wonder how long will this persist--it's if it's just for this semester, if these hiring freezes will affect tt searches in the fall, or if by May/June these restrictions will start to lift (I hope the latter). No one has a crystal ball, unfortunately, but I hope we will have some clarity in a couple weeks. If anyone else has insights I'd be interested in hearing them...
  5. @Faith786 First, congrats on getting a number of "bites" on the market this year. From what I've been learning while on the market it takes a couple of cycles to finally get it--some are lucky and get jobs right away, some not as much Anyway, out of curiosity, do you know what universities have implemented hiring freezes? Are these new freezes in response to the current crisis, or are these older policies that have been in place for a couple years now? I would like to be optimistic for the fall too, and am desperately looking for signs that it's ok to be optimistic (hence thi
  6. Hi @Quickmick Thanks for your response! Yes, I did indeed mean jobs that will be advertised in the fall of the AY 20-21, for positions that start in 21-22. Sorry if that was confusing My own sense of these timelines is that college administrations approve tt lines in late spring/early summer, and then they are advertised the following fall. I suppose there is some wiggle room here, and that maybe these approvals can be made over the summer or into the early fall too. But now faced with the impending end of the world (obviously) I'm worried about how all this is going to effect the
  7. If we are all still alive in the fall, do you think coronavirus/current economy will have any effects on whether deans approve TT lines for next cycle? Obviously I'm way over thinking things (as I guess I do)..but since I know that lines usually get approved in the spring, I was wondering if anyone had any insight if we will see fewer tt openings in the fall, given the current market. Or perhaps it's too early to tell? Or perhaps even the warm weather will come and make everything better! one can hope...
  8. You don't have to reapply this weekend...you have until Oct! There's time to rest and recover. Why not give it another shot?
  9. Fantastic!!!! Many congrats!! See you in Tokyo? It turns out that my husband wouldn't be able to come with me to Japan afterall so I had to give back the money they gave me for dependent support, I hope that had something to do with it
  10. I haven't been so vocal here, but I was really rooting for you too. If it's something you really want, you'll find a way to get to Estonia no matter what. There's always more than one shot and more than one way to skin a cat Even though I'm sure it doesn't seem like that now... Who knows what/if/how decisions are politically motivated when it comes to these things...anyway, you will find a way!
  11. I haven't ever really heard much news about Japan Fulbrighters, but I have heard stories about Japan Foundation alternates getting bumped up. good luck and hang in there (much easier said than done...). something will work out in the end, and there is always next year too.
  12. Clevelander here.... though going to school elsewhere, still a Buckeye at heart
  13. I lived in Japan for 4 years and that wasn't a problem for me! I wouldn't worry, especially if you applied to go back to do a project that you haven't carried out in the host country before.
  14. I really feel for you! When I found out about my alternate status for JF my advisor told me that it wasn't a rejection and it's still promising. It ain't over yet, and hopefully there will start to be some movement off the waiting lists. Something will work out, even if it doesn't seem like it will now.
  15. Oh, I didn't realize they were so different! I'll be at Gakushuin in Tokyo. I've lived in Kyoto and Shikoku before, but not Tokyo yet! Wherever you'll be placed, I'm sure it will be great.
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