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  1. heyo! kermit the frog here.. No.. but anyway... For those of those who did not apply last round and don't me, I am a current ETA in Germany... AND I'M LOVING IT!!!! So, you guys just got through one of the hardest parts of the process.. but unfortunately the hardest part is yet to come. The only advice I have to give is.. Just sit tight. You still have quite a while to wait. Even if the website says you should hear back by a certain date, I would not put too much stock into it. You honestly just never know when you are going to hear back. Last round, some people who applied to the same cou
  2. I think you SHOULD be able to apply through your Alma Mater. I would double check. I applied at large several years after graduating. (I'm going to Germany next month o_o) I really would recommend applying at large if you can. Everyone I have talked to (various advisors and people associated with the Fulbright) said it makes you stand out more. This is just annecdotal evidence, but my sister applied for a full grant independently and didn't receive it. When she reapplied at large, she did! Good luck!
  3. Awesome!! So glad it worked out!!!
  4. You know what, the more and more I think about this, the angrier I get. You would have been a GREAT candidate. Your research proposal sounded GREAT. And I know for a fact that other Fulbright scholarships to other countries do not prioritize younger applicants. My sister was a full grantee in India about 4 years ago, and she said she knew of people who where as old as 60 who received a grant! Seriously, if you could get some kind of proof, I almost feel like you should try and sue or something, as much as I am adverse to Americans sueing for everything. It's a government funded program, so it
  5. Congrats Lunita! SO glad to hear you got bumped up!!!!
  6. WTAF. That makes me SUPER angry. I am really, really sorry. God that makes me angry. That is some pure BS right there.
  7. Waaah. I was sick the last two days with a sinus infection (or something) and missed everything!!! I will miss all of you!!! Putting off work for the next few months just won't be the same
  8. URggh!!! Hang in there, you could still get bumped up! I'm really sorry, though. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be!!
  9. SO excited for you guys!!! Congrats!!
  10. I am so, so sorry. That really sucks. *big hug* You really should apply next year though!
  11. Wow, so glad to hear your family members are okay! I just wish everyone could have been that lucky. Tornados terrify me. I have recurring nightmares about them
  12. Woot!! Me too!!! Maybe we will be near each other!! I'm going to call and book today!!
  13. Damn, that's scary. I need to do it nowwwww. Did you do it through their travel agency thingie, or by yourself? Also, where where you placed?
  14. Woooaaah.. insane! Hope it's not ocming anywhere near you!! Stay safe!
  15. Yeah, this is getting insane. I just found out my placement in Germany, and some of you still don't know whether or not you are going...
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