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  1. Has anyone heard back from UT-Austin? I think I've been wait listed or possibly denied, I submitted my application early November and still have not heard anything.
  2. Same as the @Gatech_ST said. I know the absolute deadline to the university you plan to attend is April 15th.
  3. No. March 15/16 is when they will send acceptance or denial notifications.
  4. Has anyone had the schools they applied to confirm their submitted application to GEM? I'm getting nervous because I applied to 4 of the GEM schools in November and none of them have confirmed yet🙃
  5. None of the 4 schools I applied to have yet...and I submitted the last one December 3rd. I am planning to send out emails next Monday.
  6. I feel your pain. I think I am more so terrified of choosing the wrong school (trying to stay optimistic). I don't want to have a repeat of my undergraduate years. My undergrad institution was a party school, 2 hours from any city life, and very conservative. I spent my last year alone, always in my apartment and it negatively impacted my grades. I had no confidant, basically no close friends and no lab mates to study with (they were very cliquey). I am IN LOVE with one of the schools I applied to. I visited 3 times. If i get rejected from that one institution, I am scared the other potential 3 may not be the best fit for me and I'll just find myself sad and isolated again...for 5 years!
  7. I'm just tense. Nothing is going on "my timing". I was expecting to hear back from two schools I applied to by now (potential advisors told me I'll hear back around Christmas). My now ex-boyfriend dumped me while we were on vacation last week, and I was hoping not to go through the PhD journey alone. A fellowship I applied to back in September is greatly stalling the decisions. I really want to book a one way flight to an island, I have the money, but I'm on my last semester of graduate school. I have to keep pushing but I'm very uncomfortable.
  8. Definitely travel! Try something new by stepping out of your comfort zone. The summer from undergraduate to graduate school, I dared myself to enroll in a pole dancing class (Groupon) and challenged myself to go to the gym 5 days a week for 8 weeks straight. I even joined a book club and learned how to paint! The wait may seem long, but it may fly by faster than you think! Try to enjoy it while it lasts
  9. I only applied to 4. Would have been 7 but the potential advisers at the other 3 schools did not make my cuts.
  10. Me. I got "matched" the week before Christmas but never received an email/call for an interview. I wouldn't worry about it, unless you were really looking forward to the summer internship. You can still receive the fellowship as an associate, which covers tuition and stipend. You just don't get a summer internship and you don't get the university fees covered.
  11. Update: I've been matched. Yes I know I still have to wait for a company to consider even interviewing me, but I was concerned I wouldn't even be able to get my foot in the door
  12. Just here to shed a positive light amid a tense environment. I submitted all my PhD applications, confirmed everything was received for each school, and as of this morning I muted my emails. For how long? Who knows. I shall enjoy my winter break catching up on Attack on Titan, indulging in chips and ranch dip and only composing my thesis 3 hours/day. Happy Holidays everyone.
  13. Send in the scores, if you don't then you definitely will not get accepted into any PhD schools. It is the school's decision to see where you shine in other areas (GPA, recommendations, etc) but not sending in the scores at all will just guarantee that you wont be going anywhere. There are other things you can do to heighten your admission acceptance, but to keep it in context of your question, send in your scores
  14. My status has remained unmatched. I am pretty sure that I will not be matched since my field (Geology) only had 1 potential employer, and even the chance of being matched with them is very, very slim. Oh well, hoping to get the associate fellowship. Wishing everyone else the best of luck
  15. Has anyone here been accepted into a PhD program with a project and not a thesis? I am freaking out because I am in the 2nd year of my Master's program and and my adviser messed everything up so I have been forced to do project track. The difference between a thesis and project at my project, aside from ‘cutting edge’ of new research and methodologies in a thesis, is that a project is only 25-35 pages. With the project track, I still have to do a proposal and present a defense in my last semester.
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