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  1. I tried to keep a positive outlook on this year with everything going on but at this point, I give up. I have never suffered from depression or suicidal thoughts but now I just want to lay in my bed forever, cry and starve myself. Denied from all PhD schools, My thesis is STILL not done (Supposed to graduate this MAY), 1 of my parents are out of work, I just tried to apply for apartments since PhD is a bust annnddd I "failed" the background check like wtf I'm not a criminal my credit score just hit "Good" 9 days ago, now that's my hopes, dreams and $300 gone down the drain.
  2. Does anyone think scholarships will accept an extension deadline too? A scholarship that I have been awarded said in February that I need to confirm the university I am attending by April 17
  3. So far I only heard of 2 universities in Chicago and 1 school in Louisiana that has rescinded offers for prospective Fall 2020 students. Extremely small schools though, I would not worry about it
  4. In my unpopular opinion, employers (even those not through GEM) who cancelled summer internships in early March jumped the gun. I feel like they could have at least put people on standby with updates on the internship as time went on, or considered pushing back the start date like mine did.
  5. I graduate next month with my M.S. I was rejected from all 4 PhD schools I applied to so now I am trying to find research assistant jobs. But I am so lost! Do I check job sites like Indeed/LinkedIn? Should I email the POI's I was in contact with before receiving my rejection letters?
  6. I completely understand you circumstances, I was in the same last year. I would suggest looking into programs that have dropped the GRE or made the GRE optional. You can still apply to schools that desire specific GRE percentiles if you are willing to risk the time and money put into the application. It doesn't hurt to call schools and ask them if the GRE is required, recommended or dropped.
  7. Around Late February I had a strong feeling I wasn’t chosen as GEM full fellow, so I barely made the deadline for an internship with another lab and I’m so glad I did. At this point I think it’s completely safe to seek other opportunities for the summer.
  8. This is so sad. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this.. Is it irrational to think that these programs will automatically admit you for Spring 2021? It’s the least they could do
  9. NCSU sent out some rejections (for PhD) this previous week, I was one of them. I’d think if you haven’t heard anything from them yet then you’re in a good running. Good luck!
  10. I recently been notified that I won a $1,000 scholarship. The deadline to verify the scholarship is April 17th and I have to submit which school I am attending. I still have not heard anything from 2 of the schools I applied to. Should I call/email the schools that I am still waiting to hear from and tell the news? Also, I was wait-listed at another school, should I call/email them as well?
  11. Isn't tomorrow (March 15th) the day we receive decisions on whether or not we received a GEM full/associate/university fellowship?
  12. No they will not inform your references. It is up to you to communicate with your references whether you were accepted/rejected. I told my references in the past when I was rejected, for moral support
  13. I haven’t heard anything either. I emailed my POI at OSU today, just to ask when the department may send out decisions. Maybe slow application season?
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZUZowZJ25DtqCgr3kK_Ief1C0YOnrZeADcm4K81bq08/htmlview
  15. GREexit are schools who are either 1) making the GRE optional for applicants 2) not accepting GRE scores at all. When I applied this cycle, a friend sent me a data base of universities in the US who are participating in GREexit and it was a good chunk of schools , at least 30.
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