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  1. I sent all of mine in late march and still have not. From my understanding, GEM does not update the portals promptly but as long as you have confirmation that the transcripts were sent and received, you should not have to worry.
  2. @jerryhooSo, I’ve personally still not heard from NCSU, but just received a great offer from OSU and have decided to pursue my studies there instead. Really liked NCSU but the risk of waiting until after I the 15th to hear from them is a gamble I’m not really comfortable taking.
  3. Thanks! I received the offer in the GEM portal first but it was only a few hours difference. It's literally like a pipeline of forwarding messages. And your universities GEM rep is the middle man. I think it'll be easier to reach out to the department than checking the portal too much
  4. I was in the same boat until a few hours ago. Everyone else mentioned the same steps that I took, but also let your GEM internship company know. My GEM company told me I had to submit a offer letter by April 15 (give or take a day or 2) but I would not have the May 1st privilege. It could be that the schools are trying to find you money to cover their remaining balance of having a GEM fellow since GEM does not 100% cover tuition stipend and fees. Rest assured, everything will work out! Best of luck.
  5. Honestly, it depends on what you want. All are great schools. Ask yourself, "Can I see myself living in this city for X years?" "Is the advisor at X university, someone I can see my collaborating with for X years?" "Does X University have the resources I need to be successful in my PhD Program? (Example: Organizations for students majoring in BioMed, Writing Center, Library with extensive access to publications and journals that you may need to cite). Choosing a school should be picked based on what suits you best! Best of luck on your journey.
  6. WVU was my 2nd choice before they rejected me. NCSU POI told me on Friday that I'm pretty much in the same situation. They are waiting to see if any 1st round picks will turn down offers, if so, then I'll hear something the week of April 15th.
  7. One of the GEM Universities I applied to informed me that even though I have the internship and company sponsorship, they don't have any money to cover the additional funds GEM requires so my application will probably get denied and I just 😭 Now I am really confused how this fellowship works
  8. When did you apply to NCSU? I submitted my application later than normal (3 weeks ago) and now I am wondering how long it takes to hear a response.
  9. I applied to another graduate program last week,(03/09) but now I am worried that it's possible I wont hear back until June/July? Well past the April 15 deadline... Anyone else apply as a late applicant and any insight? SN: I emailed the department 03/12 for confirmation of submission and that they received all needed materials, They said my application is currently under review which I guess is good??
  10. $15/ hour is low for the LA area. However, graduate school is not meant to provide anyone with enough money for us to be "comfortable". If you are unable to pay your rent and get food with the $15/hour. Speak to your advisor and the graduate school about alternatives.
  11. I had a POI ask me to send more information. Most departments want to know 1) if you are coming in with funding 2) What that funding will cover 3) How many semesters/years you will receive this funding. Here is what I emailed: "The National GEM Consortium Fellowship was designed to connect highly qualified graduate applicants to 150 Universities and industry leaders, in areas such as research and development and product development in Science, Technology Engineering or Math. Applicants are required to be under-represented groups in science and engineering as defined by the United States B
  12. I noticed the same I was hoping to see a long thread of people. Especially since a lot of schools waived 1-2 requirements for this application cycle due to covid.
  13. Does this very per program? I emailed a POI for the Geography department about an external fellowship I received, he said my overall application was still pending. He also said he hasn't heard word on fellowship awardees
  14. I hope you found your answer by now. I spoke with a GEM rep today because I also received a fellowship offer finally. Still waiting to hear back from schools, but the GEM rep told me that when you see the contract on your portal, download it and print it out for your records. Then you can email that contract to GEM reps at the universities you applied to.
  15. For anyone else who is still waiting to hear from an employer there's still time. My GEM portal has been on matched since early December, I just got an email from a lab yesterday for an interview. Keep your head up the game is far from over. #SecondTimesACharm
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