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  1. For a lot of the applications I am working on, I have to mail in physical copies. I live far away from my letter writers, so it's kind of difficult for me to physically hand them the envelopes Should I just ask them to mail them one by one?
  2. Is it illegal for me to mail my own letter of recommendation under the letter-writer's name and address? I am filling out a bunch of applications and I feel bad about asking the letter writer to mail out so many copies. I have an electronic copy of the letter the recommender sent me (they were ok with me seeing the content of the letter).
  3. Thank you for your inputs! I think Stanford fits my interest better in that sense as I am more interested in tech than banking/consulting. Thank you again
  4. I am trying to go into the industry after getting my master's. My background is not in IEOR/OR in general, so I'm trying to make sure my degree would prepare me for a consulting/data science role
  5. Like the title says, I'm debating between MSE at Stanford and MSOR at Columbia. The costs would not matter as much as both schools are expensive haha Any thoughts? Please help! I need to make a decision by tonight!
  6. Is this not normal for most academic fellowships?
  7. I am looking into an academic fellowship and it is asking to list a "current faculty advisor." Also, it is saying the proposed research plan will be shared with the faculty advisor. This makes sense for continuing graduate students, but what about undergraduate seniors who are planning on attending a different institution? How would that work? Should I list the professor I have been working with in undergraduate years? But I will most likely not be pursuing the proposed research with him? PLEASE HELP ASAP I AM SO CONFUSED
  8. Actually, the deadline for the Knight-Hennessy Fellowship Program was way before the regular application deadline I am not from a traditional background like OR or econ, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I got in. I am wondering if the decision letter says there is no funding for MS students, does that mean I will not get a financial aid package at all? I remember for my bachelor's they sent out a financial aid package few days after sending out admission letters.
  9. I just got into Stanford for Management Science and Engineering and I WAS SUPER EXCITED until I saw that the expected cost was over 100k to complete the degree...haha My decision letter specifically said the department does not fund MS students and that we would have to find external resources. I am now frantically looking for scholarships and grants, but 100k just sounds impossible. Just to gauge my chance of being able to afford this school, do most people receive governmental aid (through FAFSA), assuming you received some aid in undergrad? If not, how do others afford this bs 😢
  10. Now that I'm back in school from winter break, I was going to see the professors who wrote my LORs with a small gift and a thank you card (I see all of them pretty regularly). So far, I have gotten 1 acceptance from the school I am currently attending. So the professor who wrote my LOR knows I got in. I guess my question is: should I wait until the other results come out to give them the note and the gift? Would it be awkward if I thank them now if I don't end up going to the school I am currently attending?
  11. Hello all, So I was being dumb and just realized that I forgot to send my GRE scores to Cornell. The application deadline is January 5th, so I highly doubt that the school will receive my score on time. On the website, it says For FALL admission completed applications, including all supporting materials, must be received by January 5 at the latest (applications will not be accepted after January 5). Will they throw out my application if my GRE score is the only part that is missing? Has anyone had any experience with late score submission with Cornell? I have submitted everything else :(
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