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  1. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. There's no two ways about it: you're dealing with some forces that are very unfair (both in academia and society as a whole). Maybe the reason you're taking these rejections so personally is because they're forcing you to confront your limits. I think applications/rejections can do that to all of us. My recommendation is to rebuild your sense of agency in other ways. Maybe talk to a career counselor (since you're still in undergrad) and come up with a plan b. Since you're a first-generation student, maybe a career advisor could give you some options you/your
  2. I can PM you my SOP from last year if you want an example. But I agree with spacedumpster -- the SOP is just showing that you can play nice with others, and that you've read some books outside of what you were assigned in your gen ed courses.
  3. @YdrlDude, in the nicest way possible, all you're doing is indulging him. Clearly he thinks GC is the place to debate people and show off his """massive intellect.""" If people stop debating him, he'll stop ruining the thread.
  4. Hey, @spacedumpster! Welcome to the thread! Looks like you've got solid list of schools, with some variety in terms of competitiveness. I think that's a good strategy. Good idea to apply early, too! Every school has a different procedure for reading applications (which none of us are privy to), but it never hurts -- and sometimes it helps a lot.
  5. >Comparing applying to MFA programs to being a slave in pharaonic Egypt I change my mind please stay
  6. Honestly, I've dealt with enough users like this (mostly on other sites) to know that it's not worth my energy to debate him. It's kind-hearted of you to extend the olive branch, but the fact of the matter is that he hasn't said anything nice since he got here. Notice that he's luxuriating in responding to your lengthy posts with his own lengthy, condescending posts. Meanwhile he's not saying anything to me, because it's no fun debating someone who won't play along. He's just a troll using 10 dollar words. Also, I'm trying not to derail the thread more than he has.
  7. Fix your attitude problem or leave the thread. This is a space for applicants and current students to support each other -- not for childish, 2edgy arguing.
  8. There's a thread for venting. This is not that thread.
  9. Honestly, I think "optics" also play a role here, for better or worse. If you're a white guy, it might be seen as fetish-y. Personally, I think it's a really cool topic, but my opinion counts for squat 😛
  10. I wouldn't force yourself to write anything; it won't lead to your best quality work. If you're excited/passionate about what you're writing, that will come through regardless of subject matter. The reverse is also true: if you're writing something because you "should," the work is likely to feel... tepid. Adcoms aren't looking for perfection, they're looking for passion and potential.
  11. I agree that you'll have to address this in your SOP, but I would recommend minimizing specifics. In my opinion, the SOP is more like a professional cover letter than a college admissions essay; you shouldn't include any information you wouldn't tell a potential employer. Mentioning that you dropped out due to mental health issues (or even simply health issues), and that you've addressed them effectively, might be enough. You could also ask your LOR writers to address your reliability/persistence to show that you'll "stick with it" during your degree. Hope that helps, and good luck with apps!
  12. One of my LOR writers asked me to do this. He was my supervisor at work, so I could understand why he felt like he needed my "expertise." I basically gave him an outline with "fill in the blank" sentences. Stuff like, "I think feralgrad will thrive in your program, because..." or "feralgrad has distinguished themselves in the workplace by..." With this method, you're giving guidance while allowing the LOR writer to give their genuine opinion.
  13. Saw this article on writing SOPs in the Directing MFA thread (don't ask me why I was there). It's a bit long-winded, but has lots of helpful examples! https://www.creativewritingnews.com/statement-of-purpose-examples-2/
  14. I think a good number of fully/mostly funded programs will still accept students this year. We're getting to the period when applications open, so if we were going to see mass cancellations, it probably would have happened already (it has in other disciplines, like philosophy). Keep in mind that many MFA programs fund students by having them teach gen ed courses; those students serve an essential function in the university. Take my opinion with a grain of salt -- obviously this will also be affected by undergrad admissions and subsequently gen ed course demand. I will say, though: Since
  15. What a cool research area! It is a very interdisciplinary subject, so I wouldn't be shocked if you ended up applying to several programs in different disciplines. I know a lot of anthropology programs would give you the archeological training you want. Classical archeology is another place to look. That said, you're going to be dealing with a lot of eurocentrism any route you go. Your research area will make you stand out, but it may be challenging to find thesis advisors who are knowledgeable about your interests. I'd look at academic journals to see who's writing about similar topics. F
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