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  1. Any idea when Boston sends out the notifications?
  2. congrats,..great news...is it for poetry
  3. we have to protect ourselves first and our writing energies. Whatever works best. thinking of you and good luck. in fellowship.
  4. @anarchisttigerSame for me, I decided to apply as late as September. Barely got together a writing portfolio in November. I don't know why I expected it, but i did not realize it was this intense. I am completing a Phd in gender studies now, so have gone through grad school apps before...just didn't realize this is a whole new approach altogether. But we still have some results to look forward to..i am still clinging onto last sliver of hope that something will work out, if not in Feb..early March.
  5. Hey can someone too add me to the draft group. I am guessing the admins are busy. I did add myself 3 days back too.
  6. @anarchisttiger Have been meaning to ask this question as well, as I am waiting to hear from the other schools. A first timer too and my brain is actively trying to process at the same time, what can I do to improve my chances.
  7. @Dochinka96 hang in there. Try not to stress too much and enjoy your day tomorrow. Happy birthday in advance. All of us are in this together and in for the long haul. Something has to work out sooner or later...keep writing ..
  8. @littyThis is extremely helpful. Thank you. Will keep all of this in mind for when I apply next. I am 99 percent certain , it won't work out this time.
  9. That is exactly what I was thinking of, so I should put the novel in the backburner and work on improving my stories. Thanks a lot for weighing in.
  10. Hey I have another query. So I am currently in talks with a US based publisher for my first novel, while I am wrapping up my PhD diss. My novel outline got picked up in Feb by a literary festival back in India, where I directly met US based publishers. I could not include any of these things in my fiction portfolio for all the places I applied to. I definitely want to re-apply to Iowa, cornell, brown, michigan and boston-- all of the places I applied to this year (zero hope of getting in this year)..so do you think sending in drafts from my novel with a publisher would increase my chances next
  11. hey thanks. I love it here ... I thought it was some official group where results are catalogued. Thanks for answering my question and good luck for the rest of the week. I hope we all hear something good by the end of this month. In solidarity.
  12. @feralgradI am new to the mfa cycle but can anyone explain what is this draft thing?
  13. Here with you. This constant stressing out is killing me 😕
  14. Congrats. Great news. Rooting for you all.
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