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  1. Thank you, I really really like Minnesota. It surprised me when the criteria got changed to the CIC eligible students only. “The Creative Inclusive Cohorts Training Program seeks to recruit academically excellent students with diverse ethnic, racial, economic, and educational backgrounds and experiences.” I‘m happy I fit within those guidelines as a Blasian, but I feel bad for the better writers who would have made it if the virus wasn’t around . That’s the ultimate imposter syndrome right there. And thanks for the tip about the lecture! While I’m more excited about the prospect
  2. Good poInt, this isn’t going anywhere but south. I’m just gonna pretend he doesn’t exist.
  3. So, even though only the second half is directed at me, I can’t ignore your bizarre response in the first half. It’s true, some people get rejected / ignored a number of times and become wildly popular on their own. However, that’s a small number of people compared to those who just aren’t good enough to deserve the spotlight. You could have distanced yourself from the comment about being “God’s gift to literature” but you didn’t. You said there’s nothing that your rejections prove. The height of your hubris is both hilarious and unsettling. The vibes I’m getting from you are the same one
  4. You having the power to apply to schools while having the virus is awesome. You’re so strong, and I’m rooting for your success. I’m worried about deadlines too, one of my recommenders hasn’t submitted his letter of recommendation and it’s due Dec. 1st (as far as I’m aware). Also, while I have my writing sample, I don’t know what order to put everything in. I don’t think I’m doing great at my SOPs either. I wish I could help but mine probably suck. I hope you get better soon.
  5. For the rest of you, I’m deeply sorry that you have to see me arguing with this dude. It takes a special breed of ignorance and hubris to get me this fired up. I’m not like this offline, and I’m not like this with understanding, rational, kind people like y’all.
  6. You’re funny, “There is nothing fundamental ruining my writing that I don’t see.” I just told you that you can’t see it. You aren’t some all seeing deity, and you aren’t above the rest of us either. Yes, for those who are being seriously considered by the college, it’s quite random and the little things can make a difference. But it’s not like we’re all on the same playing field. Some people are destined for the podium, some people aren’t gonna make it there until they realize they’ve lost. I’m curious, did anyone in Iowa say you’re a good fit for them? Or is it just you locked in an
  7. Uh, no. You don’t have to get an MFA if you’re a writer. Of course you have to read to write, that’s common sense. Of course you have to eat to keep muscle. What you’re doing is twisting my statement about you and your issues into a question I never asked. First, I never said I understood it all about fiction writing and editing, I’m a poet. Stop comparing apples to oranges. Second, I think you don’t understand writing any more than I do. Did you learn anything after years of applications? Besides how to be a jaded, whiny man-baby, of course. How many times will you launch into your
  8. If you can compare yourself to your teachers and writing influencers, why do you even need an MFA? If you’re that good, stop b*tching about application fees, just submit to literary magazines and leave this thread. Considering your track record with rejections, I’m gonna advise you to take your haughty attitude and swap it for humility. We all have a lot to learn about writing. Pretending you know what you’re doing isn’t gonna make that a reality. Also, I’m fascinated by how you switch between “Where do I find myself a first class editor to boost my chances of acceptance?” and “I’m j
  9. Would you walk a tightrope if there wasn’t a safety net? That’s exactly how I view this situation. I empathize with you, really. I don’t have a fully fleshed out backup plan either. It scares me that I might have to apply another round after this. At the same time, even if I don’t make it this round, I can take even more time to focus on my health, relationships, and hone my writing as I start living independently. I respect your choice, it’s one that I won’t be making, but you do what you want, I guess. I have some issues with failure being better than being mediocre. 1. Going somewhere
  10. It sounds like you don’t have backup plans, kind of the same here. But it also sounds like your mood is spiraling downward real quick (I hope you’re okay). But you’re right, no one is coming to liberate you, because real life is a b*tch. However you are free to explore yourself and your surroundings until you find something that frees you from this state of mind. Thank you for telling me about the schools you’re interested in. I appreciate you responding to that question. I see you’ve only picked fully funded, stellar reputation schools. I did something similar last year. This year I pick
  11. @feralgrad we keep posting at the same time haha *knocks on wood*. Your messages are compact and direct, and my posts are so so long. Should I start including tl;dr?
  12. I get you’re bitter, and you have a good reason to be. It is stupid, applying to all these schools when there’s a tiny fraction of a chance that we’ll get into a school we want. The fact that schools suck our wallets dry by dangling hope over our heads is really really infuriating. Your feelings are valid. However, I have questions for you. 1. Why are you here if you don’t believe your writing isn’t good enough to get you where you want to go? If you don’t have faith in your work, no one else will care about it. 2. Where are you applying? This is a question I want you to answer
  13. I didn’t realize that existed. I typed out a whole inspiring speech. I suppose that’s the duality of this thread.
  14. TW: Suicide Attempt Let me ask you a few questions: Are you still able to apply again? Do you still have hope? Are you willing to keep trying no matter what? Are you gonna give this your all? I asked myself these questions when I didn’t get in anywhere last year. It took me months to say yes to these things. I wanted to die (and nearly did) a week after my last rejection letter came in the mail. But you know what? It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get back up when you’re knocked down. Because getting up is an achievement. Trying your best is an achievement. Moving past
  15. Uh, hey. It’s time to stop. I’m not sure the message of @Graceful Entropyever got to you. We’re here to support each other, and certainly not to wage war on each other. We’re in the same boat. I know, applying is nerve wracking, and anxiety makes people say the darnedest things. It’d be wise of you to take your energy and put it into your applications. I wouldn’t bother raging against the people who seek to comfort you, me, and everyone else here. If you need help, we’re all here to support each other. But if all you want is to put others down or write cryptic messages that are supposed t
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