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  1. @mrvisser you ready to pick out our singular Austin apartment lol? Also, side note, I'm being published in a magazine (March 2022)! I found out yesterday morning!
  2. If we both go to U Washington or Michener, I'm getting you a drink (or food if you don't drink) because that was excellent.
  3. For some reason, I'm not flipping between the "best or worst poems I've written" issue. I know these are the best, even if I don't feel all that attached to some of them that are technically sound and representative of my writing style. It's good you aren't that stressed about the SOP because it's really just a small window of you as a person. Spending time on your sample is so important, and I hope everyone here is doing that. My apps are going slow, but they're still going. I decided to cut down my schools to 6 so I'm way less overwhelmed.
  4. How's everyone doing on their applications?
  5. In my opinion, it depends on if it's financially responsible for you, and how much you can bend your budget if fiction means a lot to you, these things can get pricey. There are many colleges that will let you take fiction course work in addition to poetry. If that's what you want, just look for those schools that allow some amount of cross genre exploration (UNH does this). And I'm still putting together my sample, will be going over the basic contents tomorrow, and editing it until mid November (except for Iowa which will be earlier due to mailing it in). I didn't know if I would have t
  6. I've heard some things about funding that aren't great tbh. My friend had applied, gotten half tuition remission initially, but had also gotten into an Ivy league school for an unrelated degree so they went there. Halfway through their degree at that university, then UNH emailed them a TAship offer though they didn't send in any new material. As for my full tuition remission, it's probably pretty uncommon. The classmates who have mentioned their funding to me (despite me never asking) have mentioned half tuition scholarships.
  7. @mrvisser Despite everything that happened with last year's admission and forum troubles, you're back. I'm glad you're trying again.
  8. I'm not entirely sure if this will make sense, but most of your feedback and a good majority of what you learn comes from your classmates. I don't feel like I'm learning very much, and my feedback is only okay. Don't get me wrong, the people here are very nice which I appreciate, but my friends are nice, and I need to learn.
  9. Uh, hey everybody. I'm going to be applying again this year. I know I'm attending a program now, but UNH Poetry doesn't feel right for me at the moment. I didn't want to think about my reservations back in March after I heard the thesis reading zoom, but my worries about not getting what I need from the program are worse. So yeah, I'll be stressed about this year's applications with the rest of you guys. Good luck to all of us.
  10. After being rejected on the first round, I didn't think about my next round of MFA applications until mid July. The urge to apply came, went, then came back again. It's one of the things that stuck in my mind, much like writing, and there wasn't a way to get rid of it completely.
  11. Hey, I wanted to mention something about U New Hampshire funding. According to a student graduating in the spring, my full tuition remission is a rare event and they typically give out two thirds or half. I didn't realize that when researching so it's not on my spreadsheet. Thought I'd inform you in advance.
  12. YAAAAAAAASSSSSS! Have an awesome time for both of us!!!
  13. This is on Wisconsin's webiste: "We at Wisconsin advise any applicant who is feeling pressured to accept another MFA program's offer before the April 15th deadline to simply send the program a friendly email that states, "I see that your institution is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools. As such, I believe that I have the right to consider your offer up until the April 15th deadline as established by the council. Thanks so much!" Most universities are big places where one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing. " Some schools don't accept anyone after the April 15th deadl
  14. Yes, I was rejected off the waitlist the day before I committed to New Hampshire
  15. Gotcha. It's a shame that everyone here has to worry about shit like this. I might pop in on next year's thread, but if I don't happen to see your posts in a sea of thousands of posts, I hope next year is easier for you. You've helped us out a lot, thank you.
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