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  1. I’m glad. Writing science poetry feels like a very niche market, and to know someone actually likes the idea brings me joy.
  2. You’ll be happy to know that I write science based poetry.
  3. Which schools are you waiting on?
  4. Anyone part of the b o r e d o m squad today?
  5. Michener is expecting to get ALL decisions out by early next week.
  6. Both, I didn't specify. I’m starting to think only NWP decisions are out.
  7. Asked Billy (UT Austin contact) if Michener decisions have been made, if we’ll hear about them tomorrow or next week.
  8. Do you have a professor in mind that you wanted to work with? Do you have a preferred climate? Do you want to stay closer or further from home? Just a few questions to consider.
  9. That’s probably true, usually people check the portal and find a rejection first, not an email. Okay cool, thanks.
  10. There’s a Michener rejection up. I checked my portal, nothing yet. My dead name’s last name begins with an F. Anyone brave enough to check their portal for confirmation?
  11. Oh no. I’m so sorry, what a birthday gift. Shoving you to the floor and kicking you again. Yikes Texas.
  12. Yeahhhhhhh not just with the whole mask off thing, nor Texas being 100 percent clear to open everything at full capacity. Another thing to add onto the garbage heap is the disgusting situation with UT Austin, “The Eyes of Texas”, and their donors. While some of us don’t know about Michener acceptances yet, if I (a part black person) get rejected from Michener, I’ll be genuinely relieved.
  13. Anybody who feels like it I suppose.
  14. This is so cool! I’ve already registered and I’m encouraging anyone reading this to register too. It’s free, it’s good information, and you don’t get invitations like this all that often. Also it means we could maybe chat afterwards in real-time? Maybe?
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