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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on Charleston, S.C (University of Charleston/College of Charleston). Other than it's a great place to live. I got an after the 15th acceptance offer this morning while I wait for this ONE person to make up their mind on McNeese. UGH. I'm like the unfortunate little kid on the teeter totter with two big kids on the other end....just dangling in the air.
  2. Check the survey, there is something about them on there today.
  3. Ok friends, left-field acceptance to Butler University today...I only applied there because my mentor is a huge fan. What do we know about Butler? Here is where I am at (and remember I hate the cold with a passion): University of New Orleans The coveted waitlisted spot at McNeese I'm praying to come through in the last minute of the game (nail biter). Butler...which I somewhat investigated but did not spend the effort contacting students and people associated with that program for input like I did the others.
  4. Thank you and I have reached out. They know I will accept, they are just waiting to hear back on a few people and they will let me know either way. Domino effect is so accurate. I wasn't given a number, but powerful words. Since we are in the word business, I have to believe if a spot comes open it will be mine. I think I'm just having an internal battle over the indecision of others determines my fate and clearly, I'm not alone in experiencing this uncomfortable feeling. When my daughter was little (back when she said words all wrong) she used to say, "No, no. I can't like this," and wave her
  5. For the second year folks on here or anyone who knows. There is all this focus on April 15th. What happens after that...so all the schools decide. All of us decide...there have to be loose ends. Like if you are waitlisted but accept somewhere else, then your waitlist school comes through on April 16th because someone decided at the last minute and freed up a spot? Then what happens? Can that even happen? Are offers made after April 15th? I'm kind of in freak out mode because I know I need to make a decision but I'm holding out hope on this waitlist spot.
  6. This was a great answer--Thank you for taking the time to spell it out for me. I'm not anti-loan at all. We have to have them really, I don't see these as any different than house, car, etc. Ultimately, I am investing in ME. I intentionally paid off my car early (yeah) so that I wouldn't have that expense to move with me. I just read about the income-based repayment option and that sounds like a big improvement since the days of horror stories about student loan debt. I have zero credit card debt because I don't like credit cards and I don't live beyond my means. New question, about the m
  7. Well that shoots a hole in my theory. Hmm...I just don't know how they decide on who gets funding and who doesn't. Ranking maybe??? I won't lie...so jealous (but in a nice way)...that is really great for you. I'm watching those weird youtube driving around a town tours trying to figure out where I could/want to possibly live. I'm trying to look at it as one big writing adventure. I may need to just go for a weekend and wander around before I try to do it all remotely. No kids in college but I have a pre-teen. She can't get me out of the door fast enough lol.
  8. Hugs, you were my last BU friend in waiting. I'm sorry but great news on the publishing...share a link when you can. I'd love to read.
  9. Alas, no. UMKC called last night with the no funding news. I'll likely turn them down. But thanks for hoping. Someone got it for sure. We will see what New Orleans says next. I still have 2 waitlists (praying hard for McNeese) and no word yet from my last school and an MA in English program I also applied to as a back up plan. I have a feeling my age played against me with funding-because I have a source of income-but it's cool. I plan on applying for every scholarship under the sun once I get where I'm going and banking on working hard and impressing for consideration of funding in the second
  10. Well crap. I'm sorry but hang in there. If your writing on here is any indication...don't give up. HUGS and good luck in the future.
  11. I'm close to the same age that's why I was hoping to get in this year. Time seems to be this niggling factor. But I'm very young at heart and don't look/act my age either. I think you try again like there isn't the option not to and call it a gut feeling but I think that is the story that gets you in-written as fiction.
  12. If it makes you feel any better the call telling me that I did not get picked for any funding sucked just a little worse than the rejections. There, I'm just out the application fees...and my pride. Now I'm looking at a future of student loan debt unless a waitlist spot opens up last minute or unless the Big Easy comes through. This has all been very humbling you are right. Hang in there and I swear, write the bird and old man story and sprinkle in some magic. I just have a feeling that one is a winner.
  13. Sending hugs. I'm sorry.
  14. Check the survey thing on here, looks like they are doing them now. Maybe you aren't rejected. I say hold your horses and just wait. They started doing them yesterday and have done more today on there. And it looks like everyone was irritated with their tardiness too. Crossing my fingers and y'all all have me watching BU when I didn't even apply there! lol. Good luck guys/gals.
  15. ok whew, I was hoping that one fiction wasn't you --because of the comment next to it. Nothing from McNeese here either but I'm crossing my fingers still. I did see that someone got in off the waitlist in years prior so MAYBE. Keep us posted!
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