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  1. I would email the dept - or specifically the grad studies - admin person instead of faculty
  2. I don’t know that universities are more excited than normal to admit terminal MAs, but terminal MAs are always money makers for these programs so I excpect terminal MA admissions to continue all through the pandemic and beyond
  3. Pitt English (phd and mfa) is not admitting this cycle
  4. I asked Brown and was told that they've yet to decide. Will post something on the website in coming weeks
  5. The chart is really good. Just adding in some anecdotal info: - An o-so-gentle plug for UConn. Traditionally all terminal MAs are fully funded with a full waiver, good insurance, and a pretty generous stipend. Teaching load is 2:2, which is unusually high, but I don't mind since the stipend is competitive and affords greater than subsistence living in the area - Purdue fully funds with a good stipend - Villanova seems to give full funding (full waiver + stipend) to a select number of those it admits. For example, one year I got no funding, the next I got a full waiver but no stipe
  6. this is actually a misleading headline but still
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2020/04/13/boston-university-is-first-to-announce-it-may-postpone-its-fall-term-until-january-2021/amp/ * gulp *
  8. It sounds like you have a fully funded MA offer, which is rare, and thus hard to pass up. I think you should take it unless you're really unenthusiastic about the school. If you do well, or even only reasonably well, it can only improve your chances at most (all?) PhD programs I also don't know if it's possible to defer GTA funding in a normal year, and think it is even less likely to happen now, since universities are likely to be tightening their belts in the face of the recession. Congrats on the acceptances! a funded offer of this kind is something to be proud of
  9. The pandemic could change things, but in an ordinary year I think it’s very likely you’d get into these same programs next with the same aid package. I believe programs like Boston College, Northeastern, U Chicago and others tend to refer strong PhD applicants to their MA programs consistently, year after year, though they always offer standard aid packages. So, I think it’s likely you’ll have these offers on the table if you reapply next year, though as others note it’s obviously not a sure thing, so I definitely get the appeal to take one of them now I have already weighed in on this, b
  10. In some workplaces where workers have voted to unionize, but where the employer has not yet recognized the union, management will argue that a union isnt necessary because there’s already a group like this in place, which supposedly (according to the employer) already functions as a union, even though it affords workers none of the protections a union affords. The employer does this so that they don’t have to pay higher wages, better benefits, or give the workers any of the legal protections a union can give its workers In short—and i fully concede that i know nothing about this situation
  11. I am in a similar situation. Waiting to hear back from Villanova about funding, and waiting on any word at all from Bucknell. I am not as experienced as others here, but I would say that you should not cave to pressure from programs to decide before the Apr 15 deadline. Take all the time you need, and let them know as soon as you've made a decision. That is your only obligation For me, the single biggest deciding factor with the MA is cost of attendance. It's really hard to get a funded terminal MA, as you probably know, and it is not a degree you want to go into debt for. As for choosing
  12. Right, but I think this is their worst case scenario planning, so am optimistic it will only be half of that? I think it's about to get really bad, so we'll have to see
  13. frankly, guys, I am planning not to attend in person classes in the fall. I work at the world’s main STM publisher, and hearing that bosses expect 18 months of telework
  14. Wondering: is it considered poor form to ask departments about the possibility of a deferral? I have no knowledge of best practices here, and there is basically no one I can ask I only applied to terminal MA programs (planning to move on to a PhD after the MA) and was admitted to several fully funded programs that I am enthusiastic about, but am now wondering whether or not it is wise to leave my stable job for grad school as we are hurtling into--quite possibly--a depression. To be clear, I would attend if I deferred, but I would use the year to save a little money, and hopefully to give
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