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  1. yeah, 4 would be shockingly few given the cohort size. It's possible that the other ~40 folks are just offline or not posting (or that they've radically reduced their cohort size this year), but I too would guess that more are on the way Just speculation, and I didn't even apply, but there you go. I just feel like I've seen many more online in previous years. They also sent out the 'things are taking a while, sit tight' distress call a few weeks ago, I remember
  2. woohoo, congrats! I have never administered one of these interviews so can't speak to that, but I have experienced 2 (over separate app cycles) as an applicant, and it's maybe worth noting that the 1 that I failed was the one in which I had not yet accrued any teaching experience, lol. So, it's just speculation, but my impression is that teaching experience matters quite a bit here, which means (imo) that you might want to talk that up But, again, I can't actually speak to their secret evaluation criteria, so maybe just disregard this completely. I also imagine it depends varies a bit based on
  3. this is pretty heinous. I don't have any info to add, but, yeah, obviously it's messed up. I would recommend people not apply here in the future. same for any other program that rescinds or alters funding in this way. This is a huge deal
  4. I agree. I will say that I appreciate a little note or something when warranted, but only because that might be a sign that you were at least in contention at whatever school or lit mag ended up rejecting you. that can be useful info. If you're submitting something that's regularly getting little personal rejects from places that generally send form letters, for example, I think that can be a sign that you're close and should continue revising I agree though, again, that "personal" form letters are generally irritating and a tiny bit offensive
  5. yeah -- Ocean Vuong seems to be the most widely loved writer in America (or at least on twitter) atm, and you have to assume that his (still newish, I think?) star power drove numbers way up for them. That in addition to the general surge in number of applicants, attributable to our being in a depression lol
  6. First, I think you're right to feel good. Take the compliment After that, I think you're also right to be thinking about the length of that waitlist. Most of my experience with admissions is in another discipline, but imo 7 waitlists for 2 spots is a lot. Did they let you know how high you are on the list?
  7. not a conspiracy theory: this is all 100% true. many programs are allowing people to defer and take another funded year or otherwise are having funding lines suspended by their universities as part of a general budget crunch. this is happening all across the arts and humanities, even at schools with enormous and very stable endowments (Yale is only taking 3 English PhDs this year, just as one example). dark times, and ripple effects will be felt for years
  8. I didn't apply but am I right that they still make people send in their samples by mail? I just wonder if they uhhhh might have had an easier time of things if they stopped doing that? What with the record high volume of mail and issues with the post office and pandemic and all I would guess that they probably have valid reasons for still doing it this way (it's easier to read the work? they've been doing it this way for a decades so would be hard to switch?) but it seems like they're also being luddites for the sake of being luddites, at least to some degree, which is very annoying imo
  9. ya'll see that this thread is officially marked "HOT?" we made it!
  10. Personally I just hate all books
  11. lol Bluets is good! I think 2016-17 was the height of The Argonauts pandemonium, which was maybe why so many CNF people (apparently) mentioned her in their statements
  12. ah yeah, got it. I was genuinely just wondering if this was an entirely different stereotype lol
  13. haha nice, good find. I love it when they share this stuff. I remember when I was first considering applying, back in 2016, multiple CNF program heads listed Maggie Nelson as their most referenced author, which is interesting because I don't hear many applicants talk about her these days. Makes me wonder (genuinely, because the culture is so volatile) how CMM will be thought of by applicants in ~5-6 yrs
  14. I think you're right that the best thing to do in these scenarios is just to be honest, which is what you seem to have done, so, good work. IMO, in addition to just being a bad idea, it's also actually very hard to convincingly lie to these people (either directly or by omission) about what you like to read and what inspires you. It's also true that the tenured professors who read these applications tend to be (unfortunately) much more conservative than most applicants, so I think your average tenured prof is probably going to have, honestly, a slightly less unfavorable view of DFW than man
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