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  1. Hello, another year two here! I think you choose what is better written, period. The sci-fi elements should not be an impediment if the writing is as strong as "literary" fiction. If that is your very best, most developed material, use it. It's really impossible to predict who responds to what, so you cannot reverse engineer a writing sample based on what you think will improve your chances.
  2. I was in a similar situation and chose to decline. I looked at the amount of money I would have to borrow from myself (from my own / my spouse's liquid savings) as well as the loans I would have to take out. Even if you got a $20,000 annual fellowship, that would still be $50,000 a year, $100,000 total. Paying out of pocket seems difficult unless you have a lot of cash on hand. If you were making $70,000 after tax and paying $30,000 annual for rent / food / utilities, you'd still not be able to afford it. That's assuming you keep working full time. In a vacuum, I guess I would ask you if
  3. Hi, I think I saw your post on draft. I'll respond here. In spite of the unkillable troll on this board, I find the people on draft weirdly more aggressive when it comes to Columbia. In the info session, I think the Columbia admin said something like they wanted the essay to be "deeply nonacademic" and they wanted to know "what makes you the most excited" about the book while seeing you "address the text in a voice that feels authentic to you." I tried to look at it like coming up with a creative metaphor for a book you really like. I also tried to choose a book that feels significant but
  4. I was recently accepted to Columbia as well, and for what it's worth the person I was speaking to didn't mention a scholarship at all, so I'm just waiting for the admissions packet. So if you got one that's certainly something. Probably doesn't address the core problem of 40k versus 60k, but I would still be proud of that. I don't know what this poster above (with 0 reputation) is getting out of trashing these programs. I'm about as cynical as you can get when it comes to institutions like NYU or Columbia. But it is simply inaccurate to say that they run "open" admissions. They are among
  5. Interesting! Thanks for sharing and kind of a relief to know there is movement. Was this via snail mail or online?
  6. Jesus. I'll take no word as a rejection then. They are clearly sending out rejections so I don't know why they are doing them bit by bit rather than all at once. Thanks for the info on Virginia. It's one of my last wild cards. Anyone get anything from University of Miami? Seems to be a smaller applicant pool than others, there have only been two posts this year and neither for fiction. But I'm assuming it's a rejection if I haven't heard anything, based on results from past years.
  7. I stg if I go through yet another friday without an update...
  8. Every time the troll shows up, it's a good reminder to log off.
  9. Weird. I have not heard from them. But just found that Draft post. They have been making wait list calls per the GradCafe results. But what's the point in doing "rolling" rejections? I'm still waiting on responses from all but one program. And most of those have had some weird mix of communications already. Assuming this means rejections across the board, but it's so frustrating waiting for that shoe to drop.
  10. tfw it's Friday at 4pm and there are two hours left of the work week for schools to send out email notifications.
  11. It's been two weeks since I last heard from anywhere. Only 1 out of 8 schools accounted for. So frustrating.
  12. This plus pandemic burnout is just killing me.
  13. It took a couple of weeks for me. I applied to join last month.
  14. For my NYU peeps (I guess this is the school I'm fixating on this week), it seems there were a couple of fiction calls yesterday reported on GradCafe, but no one has listed anything on Draft. Also nothing on Twitter, though there is a poet who got a call yesterday. I wonder if they are going down the list by priority. Just wanted to vocalize this because it does seem like they are slow rolling. I'm going to assume it's not an acceptance if I don't hear anything by tomorrow. They should send waitlists and rejections next week, based on past years. EDIT: Someone just posted an email in the
  15. Looks like there's an NYU fiction acceptance just now, so they are making the calls today. EDIT: Still no other listings, and nothing on Draft. So maybe they are issuing calls more gradually. Or perhaps no one else in these groups was accepted. (Why yes, I do have other things I should be doing.)
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