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  1. Not true as of now!! They are taking a new class, but a smaller one from what I understand. I’m a member of the MFA Draft FB group, where people have been updating on these types of things. Still waiting to hear news on UMNs funding tho
  2. So I just heard that Umass Amherst won't be taking poetry applicants this year, which makes me especially sad since it has such an impressive faculty and alumni. Anyone heard of other MFA programs that are cutting their funding or not accepting applicants this round?
  3. This is a great question, and one that I've been considering as well. Brown wants 15-20 pages, while the rest of my apps want 10 pages max it seems. I think that if you're open to sending all poems you're considering to your mentors to ask what they think (which ones are strongest and which ones they think might need revising) that would be the best bet. From what I understand it's best to include your most polished work and not pad too much. At the same time, you have a couple months still to revise pre-existing work so maybe focus on revising those three poems or sending new stuff to readers
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying! What a crazy year it's been... anyway, I am still apply to Michener! But I am a little concerned--I know someone who recently dropped of of New Writer's Project (which has the same faculty essentially) and was told that there's some misogyny and other issues she encountered from a specific, rather well-known poetry professor. Anyway, it got me thinking. Still, I am planning on applying to concentrate in poetry, with fiction as my secondary field. Edit: I also wanted to add that a poem about motherhood, reincarnation and a Silkie Chicken sounds really in
  5. All of those sound like great choices! Our list looks different but I definitely checked out all of those programs, tho I don't know much about Minnesota State. However, I am apply to UMinn! Random question, but are you planning on sending GRE scores to them? I noticed that it's "suggested" but not required, and since it's the only school I'm applying do that doesn't explicitly state that they don't want them I'm wondering if it's worth taking just in case.
  6. Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate it. One of the reasons I asked is because I hear a lot of conflicting information about the SOP, especially for Poetry MFA apps. I also noticed that some apps require a SOP as well as a Personal Statement, so I can see how the SOP overall should be more professional. I feel like my identity as a writer is linked to my experiences as a bi-racial adoptee, which is what I want my first book of poems to explore. Anyway, this is all to say that your examples of good/questionable structuring were helpful! Random question, but what is your
  7. Hello! I've been lurking for awhile and just wanted to thank everyone for posting their experiences and insight during the application process. I just started a 2021 thread (tho I know it's early). I know many of you are off to better things and hopefully taking a much needed break from the forum, but if you have time I would love to hear some advice if you're willing to share. If you're comfortable, would you mind summarizing what your statement of purpose looked like? I'm trying to balance the line between personal and professional. I want to leave an impression without oversharing. It
  8. So maybe this is a bit early, but I thought I'd give it a go! Hopefully this can be a place for us to ask questions & commiserate during this crazy process. Many thanks to all that commented in the 2020 Applicant Forum--I lurked for a long time, then finally decided to apply for this upcoming cycle. Your insight was invaluable and I hope that ya'll are doing well despite this very strange time. A bit about me: I'm twenty-eight years old and applying to mainly poetry programs. I went to a prestigious undegrad at 18, but ended up leaving due to outside circumstances. After taking sever
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