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  1. Hmm.. I could see how this could be easy to read into but I think he's politely telling you that if you didn't receive an email that you are not on the first tranche of the wait list. You might still be on it, but they are actively figuring that out. I'm pretty sure he's just telling you to wait it out until the end of next week before inquiring about your status again. Sorry, I know that's not the answer you want!! *also adding that I didn't apply to SIUC. Hope someone else might have more insight for you! Hang in there
  2. Congrats on your acceptances!! I guess the real question comes down to how much in loans you'd have to take out to go to your dream school, and if you feel it's do-able to pay it back. Worst case scenario the dream school helps you with your writing but the job you get afterwards doesn't pay a ton of $ (but who knows! You mention connections are a factor, but you also mention that an MFA is risky no matter what, right?) Using a loan calculator might help determine how much interest you'd be paying and how long it might take to pay off. Obviously if you feel that you could work a bit on t
  3. I'm pretty sure I'll be accepting my offer from UVA!!! I've been hesitate to talk about it because things feel up in the air still in some ways. The faculty are so insanely talented and the faculty member I spoke to was very kind and happy to answer my questions. Honestly feel like this is the best fit for me. At this point I'm taking myself off a few waitlists, but I'm still waiting to hear back about my waitlist to University of Michigan, mostly because the funding is so great but also because I miss living near my family in the midwest. If I was fortunate enough to get accepted off the wait
  4. The only reason I said anything is because I published some poetry on my social media and didn't realize the repercussions until much later!! You should totally do whatever you want, I just wanted to make sure you knew it would count as "previously published." The lit mag world is full of weird rules that I'm still figuring out too I use google docs personally with my writing group! You can leave "notes" and suggestions in the margins and it can be accessed by multiple readers at the same time. It's also possible for you to make a separate, anonymous email if you're worried about privacy
  5. Just follow your gut--sorry if that's "woo woo" or not what you want to hear, but if your heart is set on IWW and you're not feeling the offers you received, you have your answer. What is it about the four dream schools? Is it the "prestige"? It's a totally legit reason! I just think it's worth examining why these other offers don't excite you in the same way. Either way, you should be very proud of yourself for your acceptances, especially during such a competitive year. If you are okay with waiting and are sure you wouldn't regret turning down the other programs, then there's nothing wrong
  6. Hey guys, chiming in to give my two cents, for whatever its worth. I'm not on an admissions committee. This is just 100% my perspective, much of it subjective and based off of my last year of personal research. Take what's helpful, disregard what isn't. *don't publish your creative materials on a public forum. You might wish to revise and send to lit mags, contests, etc. and it's a great way to make a piece essentially unusable. While not everything is publishing material, why take the chance? There are folks who have had materials from their applications published in top tier magazines
  7. Heck yeah, that sounds fun! I'm actually trying to visit a friend who lives way off in the middle of nowhere this week, haha. A mini writing retreat : ) So I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it or not, but please add me to the group and I'll see what I can do!
  8. I'm guessing that calls went out and that we're waiting on snail mail for waitlists & rejections at this point, but this is really just speculation on my part. Apparently someone received an acceptance call in late March last year. I would tag the post/person, but it was from quite awhile ago!
  9. Waitlisted for poetry at UW Seattle!!! They cut their incoming class by two thirds this year it seems... Anyway, hoping I get accepted from at least one of these waitlists. Condolences to those who've received rejections this week. I also received my Brown rejection, which was not surprising but still not a great way to start the day. I'm essentially just waiting on UVA (and Iowa snail mail) so I'm coasting until April at this point. In the meantime, I'm finally writing new material and sending things out to pubs again. Just trying to adapt as best I can!! Hope everyone is doing well--h
  10. Saaaame haha. Also, I am definitely freaking out. I'm realizing that while I'll be pretty devastated if I don't get into a program, that the root of the issue is that I hate my job and was really hoping to move someplace new with a clear and defined purpose.
  11. CONGRATS!!!!!! Damn, that's hella impressive. Can't remember if you mentioned waiting on other programs, but I'm betting you'll have options!
  12. Yeah... you're not wrong. I went to Sarah Lawrence for part of my undergrad. Actually, I was there from 2010-2012, so maybe we know each other @dooooodle ! I definitely agree with a lot of what you mentioned... the conferences were probably the moments where I learned the most when it came to my writing. Anyway, if you can handle the trust fund kiddos playing thrift store dress-up and condescending to you about the bourgeoisie (that they're soooo clearly not a part of), then maybe your experience will be different. I feel like those of us on significant scholarship and financial aid foun
  13. Yesterday around 9pm I had got a call from a "no caller id" number. I let it go to VM, but of course no message was left, and now I can't stop thinking about it AND DEAR GOD I don't want to be like this for the rest of my life!!!! As far as portfolios go, I guess my advice (for what it's worth) would be to REVISE REVISE REVISE--give the portfolio to a teacher or mentor you trust, ideally someone who reads contemporary publications and maybe even has an MFA themselves. Someone who understands what you're trying to accomplish in your writing (not someone who just wants you to write like
  14. Congrats!!!! I didn't apply to NWP, but I applied to Michener (poetry) and haven't heard anything. If you search "creative writing" under the grad cafe results page, it shows one acceptance for poetry from a few days ago. I usually trust the results from the draft group more, since it's less anonymous but who knows? Fiction acceptances seem to have gone out already from what I can tell at least
  15. Everyone seems to be checking portals! I guess that's one more thing to obsess over hahah. My UVA portal just says "submitted." I don't know if it's all that helpful to be fretting over this when they probably won't be reaching out for some time.. That said, I get it. I'm going crazy over here In the meantime, I just started this book called "The Queen of the Night" by Alexander Chee and have been loving it so far. I've also been playing WAY too many video games... I think these are the only two things that fully distract me from this whole crazy process. Am curious to hear what non-app r
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