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  1. I was also accepted off the waitlist! I did hesitate for a few days though I already committed to another much smaller program in the city. What I heard is that Columbia does still hold sway in the publishing industry - this is from two separate people, one published author and one who worked in publishing for two years and went on to do her own MFA. From a current student - it is what you make of it! You do get access to your professors if you're willing to hustle. There are a lot of opportunities but limited spots so, again, you have to hustle. I don't think you would be able to
  2. Wanted to thank everyone for going through this together for the past months, it felt like forever! I'll be attending Brooklyn College in the fall. To those who are going to apply again next year, hats off to you -- you are some strong minds! To share another anecdote - I learned today that a writer was rejected by every school she applied but Iowa (not this year, a while ago). Just want to remind everyone again how subjective this application process can be. After all, what is good writing anyway? I will be on my way to figure that out, hope everyone here will, too, inside or outside the univ
  3. Hey just wanted to let you know that this thread has a tireless troll that's been around the whole season. Don't mind them! Best of luck with your negotiations!
  4. I just have to rant again about Columbia. I emailed them asking if there are any opportunities for people on the waitlist to get to know the program a little more so if and when admitted, I can make an informed decision. I know every school has events for admitted students but if I miss all those events as someone on the wait list, how am I going to know if I want to attend the program or not? Especially for Columbia, it’s hard to get a real sense of what the program, classes and students are like. What I got was a form “waitlist” answer that explains how the waitlist works and a
  5. Not a word! But definitely can assume a rejection at this point, not even sure if they send out official rejections? Lol
  6. and a very good one at that! I’d believe it
  7. I see... same difference 😂 thanks!
  8. Thanks!!! And yes, BU e-mailed rejection this morning. If you didn’t get it, maybe a good sign?
  9. The Columbia letter said that the waitlist "has no rank"... but it must do??? how else are they going to decide who to let in when the first spot becomes available? 🤔
  10. it said the waitlist could drag into the summer so do you really, really want that? I'm so happy that this is all over, haha. I hope you have the best time in the UK!
  11. Virtual hug!! I was waitlisted at Columbia 🤷‍♀️
  12. Yeah the only one I would be a little torn about would be BU. Columbia was more just for my vanity... no way to afford and honestly not interested in the size of the program, and already not getting a good feeling from the institution anyway, lol. Not sure if this is just our coping mechanism working at its best but I think I'm making the right decision. It just feels right!! When I started looking at Amtrak and Chinatown buses to Boston... I was already like, please no. hahaha
  13. BU rejection came in! Honestly super relieved because I am just falling in love with another program and didn’t want to have to make a difficult decision. Anybody got good news?
  14. His MFA at NYU was in Film, if that matters. But yeah, I guess being a celebrity gets a lot of passes in life, haha.
  15. James Franco, who's disappeared for other reasons, lol. I don't know if he was doing everything at the same time though. I can say that he was definitely attending some classes at NYU, but not sure about his attendance at other programs. Brooklyn College's MFA program does consider him an alumnus and lists his publications on their website, so I assume he did graduate.
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