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  1. Idk why people keep repeating this obviously false statistic that NYU creative writing admits 50% of its applicants. There were about 1,000 applicants this year. They made 16 fiction offers. I don't know exactly how many offers were made in the other genres, but we can assume it's somewhere in the same neighborhood. It is true that there will be significant waitlist movement because people will decline unfunded and underfunded offers. But no, it is not reasonable to extrapolate from this that about 500 applicants will receive an offer. According to Peterson's, in some (presumab
  2. Hi, this is the creative writing forum.
  3. Sure are a lot of people rejected from these programs every year for them to be open admission.
  4. What is it that you think moderators do? I understand that as a persistent, boundary-violating, cross-platform, grudge-holding troll, moderation is inconvenient for you. But ultimately it's obvious that moderating a social media group will involve removing posts and troll accounts. Just take all your Ls and go.
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