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  1. no, you didn't I said I saw it on draft and every other place.
  2. Columbia hasn't lied about its lack of funding. so I don't get most of the criticism I have seen on draft. and many writers have attended it and they are pretty good and write very well. but nobody talks about that. and there is always some kind of meanness when it comes to Columbia. you are right about the understanding the financial cost
  3. perhaps you are right. but is financials the only thing here? maybe some people don't want to buy a house. I feel like the criticism is mostly about financials.
  4. maybe defer Columbia?
  5. I am also considering taking a year off and applying next year. I applied too late. started in December and got one acceptance, which is Columbia.
  6. no, please don't self-immolate
  7. awww, you remember the bird man. I think you will make it this time. or the next. I am 41 and I am thinking whether I should try next year. "There are always flowers on her grave. That's hope." - some interviews give you some beautiful sentences. It was a sad story. A reporter is also an archivist who saves sentences and fragments of memories of others. We are our own libraries of stories with no closure. Just like love. Just like loss. That's why I can't do fiction I suppose. the story was about a young girl killed in a police encounter in 2004. all the accused were
  8. it is not so bad I guess I will have to start all over again. and make the effort it needs. it has been a learning experience and very humbling one as well.
  9. I got BU rejection today.
  10. rejection form Ohio University
  11. thank you for writing this.
  12. I can imagine. I just didn't know. I thought he/she/others was trying to be helpful but it was a lot of disrespect for others. but thanks for pointing it out.
  13. we can't always tell if someone is a troll. that's all.
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