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  1. UIC GEMS have not sent out invites according to the admin
  2. Has anyone had their JHU CMM interview yet? And if so would you be willing to share some thoughts on what to wear/how it went?
  3. did anyone else here apply to Brown MPP? it's a tiny program and I have yet to see anyone.
  4. I don't think it means anything I just had that as my last choice.
  5. I'm not sure, the first interview starts today though. This year is so weird so who knows.
  6. it's my only interview so far so I am overthinking everything
  7. JHU CMM interview date confirmed, got the last interview weekend :(.
  8. anyone hear anything from Northwestern after the holiday?
  9. I have yet to hear anything from her after sending my stuff before the holidays
  10. if anyone applied to UIC GEMS they have not started application review yet apparently, I think this season is so weird for everyone it's hard to make an assessment without an outright rejection email if you haven't heard from programs.
  11. figured I'd share who I heard from so far: UW-Madison CMB: Rejected Umich PIBS: Rejected Johns Hopkins CMM: Invited for interview UIC GEMs: Silence Northwestern DGP: silence but when I asked if all interviews had been sent out the admin responded saying they had not finished so who knows (really bummed I interviewed here and was waitlisted last year) if any of y'all have heard anything from this program please let me know Brown MPP: deadline for this program isn't even till Jan 15th CWRU BSTP: silence
  12. Invited for interview at CMM went to my spam folder but looks like around 8 last night
  13. Did anyone get a northwestern dgp interview this week? I emailed the administrator yesterday afternoon and was told they aren't done sending invites.
  14. 0/6 2 rejections, had a dgp interview last cycle and was waitlisted apparently this year I am just not getting one. It has been a rough year and it is looking worse. Good luck to everyone but I don't think I can do this anymore.
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