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  1. No. I saw people who submitted close to deadline (Dec 1) receive interview invites quite soon, around Dec 10
  2. Good luck! Hope you receive a positive reply soon!!
  3. Me too. The first round of interview is scheduled this thursday.
  4. Hey! When did you apply? I applied on Jan 3 and they said my application is scheduled to be reviewed in the first week of Feb. Yes. The coordinator is very helpful!
  5. I got an email today morning saying the applications are under review. Please check status in application status page. But it seems to be a generic email.
  6. Seems so. Everyone got the same email. Me too. Very weak chances of getting called back. #ByeBU
  7. Someone mentioned in Reddit that they received CMM invite in mid of december. Also the interview is in next week. I lost hope on that
  8. Nope. Still waiting. Emailed a couple of times but to no response. It is unlikely that they sent interviews earlier than dec 20. But not sure though. Usually they send it just before holidays.
  9. Hey! When did you apply to UNMC and which program?
  10. Hey! Is it IGPBS in UNMC? Did you hear back from them?
  11. That's convincing and upsetting at the same time 🙃
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