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  1. I'm interested in applying to PhD programs relating to microbiology, immunology, and/or biomedical sciences due to my interest in host-pathogen interactions (more specifically from the infectious virus/bacteria perspective than the host's immune response). I've only just learned about pathobiology and how that degree and training is also related. I guess I'm not sure if I should stick with a Micro route or a pathobiology route? Does this even matter if the faculty overlap departments?
  2. Hi I've never heard of USC having a PIBBS program before. Can you tell me what aspects of the program you liked?
  3. I've never heard of USC's PIBBS program before. What aspects of the program did you like?
  4. Ah, thank you for your input! I do have some updates. When I last reached out to UChicago, they told me applications were still under revision. I did reach out to UCSC but is was to no avail multiple times. Ultimately, I was accepted at both UMass and BU so I've decided to accept BU's offer
  5. Ah no. I'm waiting for Uchicago, UMass Amherst, Boston, and UCSC.
  6. Hi was this for Umich or Uchicago?
  7. Has anyone been able to start the Stanford application yet? On their website, it says the application period has started and on another location on the website it says mid-sept is when it'll open. I've made my account but I can't select the program I'm interested in (or any others for that matter). I've been trying to contact the department and the graduate admissions staff but have yet to receive a call or email back. I'm just worried that I did something wrong and that's why I'm unable to go along with the application. I've also contacted the tech support team and they say that I'm unable
  8. Also applying to same programs. Just an undergrad myself, but my mentor says it'd be kinda sketchy to not have your PI as a LOR if you'll be discussing the project you worked on with them at any time during the interview process. Take this with a grain of salt.
  9. I've heard professors and people on admissions committees say different things. When I attended the NIH Grad Fair online, the admissions committee invitees noted that application counts would probably be very low due to the idea that it would be harder to get in/more competitive, so they actually urged people to apply to even more schools. On the other hand, I've heard other research professors say that it'll probably be more competitive or more selective this year because labs are still trying to reopen safely and funding may be hard to guarantee right now. Due to this, I'll be applying t
  10. Hi! From the US and a few schools my PI listed off to me include: Stanford, UW Seattle, UPenn, UCSF, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, CU Denver, Duke, Yale, Cornell, Emory and MIT. Hope this helps Edit: My PI is a virology professor at UCSD.
  11. Wow am I late to the party or what, haha. I'm a rising senior and was planning on applying to NIH Prep and UPenn Prep but after reading all of the posts, I've realized just how many more PREP programs there are to possibly join.
  12. Omg! Another McNair Scholar. We should connect and share experiences.
  13. Wow! What a small world; I currently go to UCSD for undergrad. And I'm also applying to PhD programs in microbio and immunology or other related umbrella programs. As of now, I've decided to apply to UCSD, UCLA, UCSF, UCB, and Stanford for schools in CA. For out-of-state, I'm applying to UPenn, UW-Seattle, Yale, and Duke.
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