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  1. This made me super nevous lol.... I think I will be in the Feb 26 one ..
  2. same boat a lot of people have already received BU and I am not putting my hope high a little heartbroken tho. NYU is literally driving me crazy but I am not have a lot of hope also
  3. Anyone attending Baylor interview next week has got their interview schedule yet? They said interview throughout the week but I have received any and it will be hard for me to scheduling my work
  4. I asked for rescuduling and they give me an althernative date but I haven't heard them since
  5. Anyone got interview for BU today ? saw one on the result page, I am scared as hell ...
  6. Did anyone get an confirmation from the USC admin for interview ? I have replied back for interview but she hasn't opened email even after the deadline...
  7. I am not sure how many domestic student they invite... but the class is around 10 people I have told ?
  8. for a reference upenn gcb only invites 4 international stuends to interviw. I think iGG would be a little more but not by much so its very likely that not a lot of result on the result page indeed
  9. That is a big achievement but also a lot of pressure. especially these program are both very competitive and so different memp and big
  10. when I say top school I mean top school in the field. the list of where people are apply the most should give you a good idea of the program.. at the mean time if you want good education in your interested field what you can do is to go through faculty profile, search for prominent bioinformatics paper and find where the faculties is working. some of them are working in a less competitive program but have a lot of funding and produce good papers
  11. Grossman's interview is in end of Feb and begining of March so there is still some time. Others have pretty close interview time for me to assume rejection
  12. I am just gonna say I don't think NYU (grossman) is all done at this point,not sure about the Tandon and GSAS program. Harvard seems pretyy likely and UPenn I know its all sent out.
  13. yeah I think everyone will apply some reachy schools. I am just warning her not to apply a lot, the GC of people posting all the interviews and offers is really mental destructive when your inbox is empy. if you have 2 ~3 your interviews and less rejection, I think it builds well for you confidence in interview as welll. getting one interview from top school is impressive but i would say if you don't have the some low rank program, the pressure will crush a lot of people ( my experience ) in interview.
  14. I kinda want to say also dont apply all to top school. The population post on here is very screwed.. a lot of they have near prefect gpa with publication... aim a little lower and you will have much better mental health and options in application season
  15. Quantitative Sciences do you mind sharing their interview dates?
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