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  1. I've spent most of my life in Boulder (I didn't attend CU, however). I️'m going to be sad leaving, because I️ really like Boulder. I️ love the accessibility of the Mountains (the city, especially the CU campus, is nestled right up against the mountains, so you can very easily go on a morning or after-work hike). I adore the weather because it's so sunny (granted I'm sure Santa Barbara is very sunny as well haha). I️ also just liked the vibe I️ guess, and how open the city feels given the amount of open space surrounding it and the restrictions on building heights so as not to obscure views.
  2. do you want to do more applied research? don't choose a field just because it is easier to publish in. Statistics definitely would open more doors in terms of types of research you could do, so I️ guess you have to think about how much you want to be able to explore, or if you are okay with being set into biostatistics (in which case a more focused program may be beneficial). I️ also think location matters quite a bit - you are going to be living there for the next 5 - 6 years, so make sure you can picture yourself in that city. Even if you're going to be spending a large amount of time d
  3. Since you're applying to places with rotations (or at least the programs you're applying to that I'm familiar with), make sure all the schools you apply to have a few professors (preferably at least 3) that you could see yourself working with (I asked sooo many grad students during interviews for advice on picking a school and every single one of them said go wherever there is the highest number of labs doing work that is really interesting to you that you could see yourself doing). It doesn't hurt to reach out and ask a professor if they will be taking on new students next year. You want to g
  4. Niceeeee a biophysics forum! Out of the biophysics programs I️ applied to I've gotten interviews from Berkeley, Weill Cornell, UCSF, UNC, UW, Rochester and Pitt (and got into UMich and UIUC). I've def been rejected by Stanford and Yale but oh well I briefly mourned but I've got some other schools I'm very excited about (and in the end it's probably for the best)! My top 3 right now are probably (and very loosely) Berkeley, Weill Cornell, and UCSF, but I️ also love the rest of them (especially UW and the Institute for Protein Design) so who knows. I️ also applied to some biochem, chemica
  5. yeah I️ don't own a single business casual thing (besides some nice pants), so I'm gonna have to buy a blazer and blouse and stuff. I️ guess this is a good excuse for some online shopping haha
  6. I️'d prepare for a few diff time lengths. Some may want a brief 1-2 min overview at first, and then ask you to go deeper into specifics. I️ think it's best to be prepared to talk about it at a very broad level (especially if you're talking to someone who may not be familiar with your specific field), and also be comfortable discussing the specifics.
  7. Does anyone have any input of what to wear? as in how formal your clothes should be for interviews and such? It's gonna be strange since things like shoes and pants won't really matter over zoom.
  8. I've had to contact both UCSF, and UNC Chapel Hill about switching my interview dates and they were super accommodating. I️ wouldn't ask your odds tho. emailing to ask if you can interview on another weekend wont hurt you.
  9. So I’ve written a rough draft of my SOP, and don’t know who to ask to look at it/ am kind of embarrassed to share it because it’s not too good. so what better way to get opinions than ask strangers on the internet! For real, please let me know if you’d be willing to take a look at it and thank you so so much ahead of time. I really just want some opinions to gauge if I’m even going in the right direction with this. Thank you!!!
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