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  1. Thank you! I'll be in the BCMB program. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't heard anything back, but it looks like you've been accepted at some really nice programs! After 3 months of interviews, I haven't been convinced that the admissions process is neither subjective nor random. But, the fact that we got selected for an interview means a ton. Best of luck in your PhD journey~
  2. I got off the waitlist of Weill Cornell yesterday. My tip for anyone on waitlists and future applicants, based on my experience - emailing program coordinators/directors asking about the waitlist may not be especially informative; more often than not, there's a non-disclosure policy. Email students you met with during the interviews. Ask if they know anyone who had gotten off the waitlist before, if they did anything special. If the school is your first choice, be upfront about it and let them know, it can only help!
  3. Hmm thanks for letting me know... I had emailed the coordinator and she said that they cannot release any details regarding waitlist position, how many people are on it, etc... we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and see!
  4. Has anyone managed to get off Weill Cornell's waitlist? How likely is it to be offered admission?
  5. Totally hear ya buddy... The large-scale deferment is such an annoyance. Moreover, due to all interviews being virtual, it is logistically and financially easier for schools to invite more candidates than necessary to interview. One of the programs I applied to selected 20+ candidates to interview with the intention of sending out only 6 offers, which is understandable since most candidates applied to more programs than usual this year, but still nonetheless induces more stress. Not to mention Zoom fatigue detracting from the interview experience on both ends. I'm so grateful for the opportuni
  6. Hi! Last Friday, a PI that I interviewed with emailed me that the admissions committee had voted to offer me admission and that I would receive an official email the following week (which I still have not received). Fingers crossed for you! 😊
  7. USC PIBBS started sending out offers! Not sure if on a rolling basis or not.
  8. Interviewed at three programs so far, haven't heard from two and rejected by the third, really starting to worry if I'll be accepted at all this cycle... 😟
  9. Thanks for sharing, this is a helpful perspective!
  10. Hey all, hope everyone's interviews have been going as smooth as possible! In terms of being prepared for interviews, (besides knowing your own research in detail) how helpful is it to know 1-2 of the PI's papers in detail? Has anyone been reading papers and thinking of follow-up experiments/questions to ask? Or am I overthinking this.. 🙈
  11. I got an interview invite via email 1hr ago. Their interview dates are Feb 16-19.
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