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  1. Anyone facing hard time finding visa appointments at US consulates in their home country to start the program on time ?
  2. Hey! I will most likely be joining BCM (I&M) and moving to TX from CA makes me a little nervous although I have heard good things about Houston in general (I haven't ever visited myself). I am waiting to hear from another program but like you said, the opportunity for translational research in the Texas Medical Center is quite important for me. I don't have an offer from UTSW but they do have access to the medical center as well so definitely hard to pick out of the 2. Ping me if you decide to join BCM
  3. They are both top-tier (especially for Immunology). The cost of living in San Francisco is crazy. UPenn has a great campus but if you prefer to live in a moderate climate, then I'd recommend UCSF. So you could really decide based on living conditions as program-wise they are both top-notch.
  4. For anyone who interviewed at City of Hope, how long after the interview did you receive the decision? I saw a couple of posts on the results page with acceptance the very next morning after the interview but not sure if they keep sending out for the next few days? I interviewed last Friday...
  5. Sorry about your rejection! I have emailed them today to ask if they are done sending out invites since its already the end of week and I was hoping to hear something. Lets see what they say. Thanks!
  6. Ok great! fingers crossed in that case :)) Thank you!!
  7. Anyone else still eagerly waiting for an interview from MD Anderson 🙄 I'm constantly checking my email but also praying not to receive a rejection. Being this late in the cycle and international, don't want to get my hopes high though..they'll probably have very very fews spots left for the last interview round anyway. Please share updates if anyone has any
  8. This is what I heard (I knew the program director through one of the PI's who really encouraged me to apply. I guess its delusional to crack UCs unless you have funding from your home country)- We have already selected applicants for interviews this year. As you know, the number of international applicants we can accept into the program is limited and we received a record number of applications this year.
  9. FYI- UCLA IMMP is done sending out interview invitations. (Source of information: Program Director). I guess all schools have already sent out invitations at this point... ://
  10. I meet criteria #4, still got rejected from Sinai without an interview
  11. Any idea if UCLA-IMMP is still sending out invites or are they done?
  12. Baylor had their first interview weekend this past Thursday and Friday and have another one in the next few weeks if that helps. UTSW sent out bulk rejections yesterday so if you haven't heard yet might be a good sign! Do you know if MD Anderson is done sending all interview invites? I haven't heard back anything. Thanks!
  13. I received an interview invite from the city of hope during the 1st week of Jan but they haven't confirmed the date yet.
  14. Thank you so much! I applied to IMP as well. gazing into inbox for the next few days 😮
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