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  1. Actually chose Vanderbilt! I liked their program and PIs better!
  2. I had interviewed at 4 places and preferred 2 as my top choices so as soon as I heard back from them, I just emailed a few professors, made my choice and already took my preferred offer. I didnt see the point of delaying since I would have made the same choice even in a few weeks. If I had more choices, it might have taken longer.
  3. I think it honestly depends on the program. Some of them send a good amount more because Im sure they go based off statistics from previous years of offers vs. matriculation. However, some send the exact amount and waitlist everyone else. This year has a been a ridiculous increase in applications so I guess programs are still figuring out what to do. I'd say be hopeful until you get a rejection!
  4. Well, I would first contact PIs to make sure the ones you like are actually taking rotation/permanent grad students. Then weigh the pros/cons of opportunities and development. I would also say look at the cities. I think UCSFs $42k stipend is tough for the really high cost of living. The program and college is important but since you'll be living there for 5-6yrs, the city and cost of living matters too.
  5. That happened to me last year. I took a year of OPT and worked as a research assistant to gain more experience. You could also do a Masters or Post-Bacc program. You can reach out to some of the places you applied to for RA positions, I believe they have a higher likelihood of accepting you in the future if you already work there. How long depends on when you feel ready and have a strong application. Talking to your professors or employers would give you an idea. For me, a year was enough but some people might prefer to work longer for a variety of reasons.
  6. Yeah I interviewed last week. It was good I guess, 1 intro session, 2 faculty interviews, lunch,2 more interviews and a closing session. Theres also discussions with grad students and faculty during lunch and the gaps. Its a long day of Zoom but the faculty are casual and friendly. They should send you a proper schedule with faculty the week of the Interview, I think I got mine on that Monday/Tuesday.
  7. Hey sorry to hear, and na rant away. The waitlist isn't a bad thing! That means there's still a chance so hold on for a little bit! However, if it doesn't, since you work there, Id suggest asking for feedback from faculty/ admissions. Maybe even emailing the other places. Y'know you were clearly a good candidate if they interviewed and waitlisted you but maybe they can tell you what will give you that extra bump your application would need for a future cycle. Good luck!!
  8. Regardless of how true this is, I think a lot of the people applying will fit at least one of these criteria so the faculty review probably weeds out a lot of people. Lots of grad school have an "average qualification" listed and still wont give you an interview even if you exceed them:/
  9. Hey, has anyone who's already interviewed with UMass Med School heard back from them? If yes, how long after the interview was it? Thanks!
  10. Hey, has anyone who's already interviewed with UMass Med School heard back from them? If yes, how long after the interview was it? Thanks!
  11. Hey, go to Account Settings when you click on your name in the top right corner. Then go to Signature and edit it.
  12. I think they're doing multiple weekends so maybe they're still sending out invites? I think it went well but Im unsure haha, it was 3 one-on-one interviews.
  13. I think it went well but I wont know until they let me know their decision haha. Obviously the interview depends on the professors you' re interviewing with. I believe they take in around 50-60 students but I think they give out more offers since not everyone matriculates. They didnt mention if they take a specific number of International students. They do rolling admissions so they said they'd let us know within a week or two of the interview.
  14. UMass Med in Worcester, I did the interview on Friday (the 15th)
  15. Depends on the school, for example UTSW apparently has two separate pools. It was also a thing during physical interviews as they wouldn't fly in International candidates and schedule them for online interviews. Yep, what they said^. Some will take very few candidates depending on funding and a few dont even fund International students (Eg. UWashington-Seattle M3D).
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