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  1. That's good information to know! Yeah, I'm hoping to glean more information regarding application numbers during my interviews. Originally, I thought that programs might get less applications this cycle because of people possibly not wanting to start a program during the pandemic, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. I think UCB MCB sent out all of their interview invitations.
  3. To piggyback on what the others have said: if you've just finished an interview at a place that is your top choice, I would absolutely send thank you emails (even to the program director). This is advice I received from the chair of a biology department at Northwestern during a mock interview.
  4. Have you checked the expanded article on eligibility by the NIH? If you grew up poor, essentially, you may be eligible. Also, you may be eligible as a woman. Here's the link: https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-20-031.html To answer your question, you must meet NIH eligibility to enter a PREP program. There's also the possibility of working as a research tech somewhere. Considering you have a PhD interview, I'd just focus on nailing that! Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. I'd suggest looking into the IRTA/CRTA like thepuncess mentioned (if you'd start the program within 6 months of graduating with your masters)! There's also the possibility of working as a tech in a lab somewhere.
  6. It's completely funded. For example, the stipend at Johns Hopkins is $34,000--in addition to this, you're given health, dental, and vision insurance. Let me know if you want to chat!
  7. Don't worry! In case this doesn't go favorably this cycle--have you considered PREP programs? They're literally life-changing. https://www.nigms.nih.gov/training/PREP
  8. I wouldn't quite consider it a "safety", but I will say that its research presence isn't as strong as several of the places I've gotten interview invitations.
  9. Yeah, I'm almost certain I'm going to be rejected by Weill Cornell, yet I'm getting interviews from schools I didn't seriously think I'd get good news from. Funny stuff.
  10. If anything, it may be a little irritating because faculty are pressed for time, and they're already planning to dedicate time exclusively to you for your interview. You'll be talking to them about projects/fit during the interview, so it's just redundant and unnecessary. If you're just trying to ensure you leave a good impression, just send a well-written follow up "Thank you" email after your interview.
  11. I got an interview from Berkeley's micro program on December 15th
  12. If you end up interviewing with the same PIs that you've listed as preferences when registering for your interview (assuming they've sent the registration or will send it soon), it is extremely likely that PI is 1. taking students and 2. is interested in taking you. This is something you could also get a feel for when you actually interview with them (e.g., by discussing potential projects with them).
  13. I'd recommend finding someone (or people) to mock interview with! Practice helps so much.
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