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  1. Out of curiosity, what are your plans (addressing everyone) after graduation if you didn't get into PREP? I either haven't heard back from or mainly received rejections, I'm graduating in early June and trying to plan for other potential careers/programs to help me go to graduate school for a PhD. I know I'm applying to a PhD program in the fall but I don't know what else to do in the mean time.
  2. Penn has already sent out acceptances??
  3. I do know the MD/PhD is very difficult and they look to see how much you're truly committed. I don't have much thought to offer on Case's just because its unknown to me. I thought Mount Sinai wasn't accepting applications this cycle cause of no funding?
  4. I don't know of anyone else! Although I will admit that I did sneak a peek at Starr's twitter account and he mentions the PREP apps, and how difficult it was during selections.
  5. the Northwestern PREP was due on Feb 1st, deadline has passed
  6. Update: Back on 2/21, I got an interview for UCD prep
  7. I’ve submitted my application to NIH-PREP UW and Harvard’s RSI. I’m also applying to UCD, Yale, UMass Med, Brown, Baylor, Iowa, and ASU. UMass Amherst PREP does not have funding for the cycle. I don’t care about lucky numbers.
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