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  1. Anyone heard from UMD? They said they’d get back end of last week/beginning of this week...
  2. Know why PREP and why that school specifically. Be able to talk about at least one research project thoroughly. Where did you get offered an interview?
  3. Interview invite from UMD. There’s still hope!
  4. Also got it! I feel like everyone who applied did.. but it still made me feel better!
  5. Has tufts given you a time for your interview yet? And did they tell you who would be interviewing you?
  6. Apply for a research tech/assistant position. But ask questions like: will I have my own project? What will I be doing day to day? Do techs receive authorship on papers? Those questions will give you an idea of how valuable the experience will be.
  7. Anyone heard from tufts re. scheduling an interview? They emailed on Tuesday but haven’t heard anything from them since. Do you think I should email them?
  8. Received an interview invitation from tufts (option to do in person, phone, skype). They had over 90 applications.
  9. If I haven’t heard back from anywhere do you think that pretty much means I didn’t get any interviews?
  10. Sounds like you should be pursuing an MD not a PhD
  11. Rejected from northwestern by email on sunday
  12. Yes, I did! I don’t think it means anything.
  13. Do you know if they will be sending multiple rounds of invites or was that it?
  14. When did UChicago and Johns Hopkins get back to you?
  15. I asked the director if this was appropriate for PREP and she did not recommend it.
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