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  1. A friend of mine was in a situation where he finished the PREP, did not get into a PhD program and ended up applying to a fully funded Master's program. You'll be fine.
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath on it. Schools strategically give more offers for spots than they actually have to accommodate for this. I don't know if there will be a "huge" wave of offers especially since (if I understand correctly) you didn't interview with them. Nevertheless, I hope you get an opportunity.
  3. WCM because of MSK-Rock-HSS collab. Also much less toxic environment.
  4. If you have not received an interview at this point, I would assume that I would not get an invitation. The deadline for acceptance for a PhD program is on April 15th.
  5. Two key things you can ask yourself besides your stats: 1. Can you articulate your research? Meaning even if you have done 2 summer research experiences and 5 semesters of research, were you actually immersed in the projects and was not just a technician? 2. Will you have strong letters of recommendation?
  6. Anecdotal and is not true for all PREP programs. The primary goal of PREP is to get students into a PhD program and so the NIH grant fully supports GRE prep course work but not MCAT course work. I know for a fact that if you show interest into and MD-PhD program for Tufts PREP, they will put a red flag on you.
  7. Of course, you're welcome. From your school list, I personally know people from Hopkins, Yale, UChicago, Northwestern and UPenn PREP if you want to get connected to them.
  8. Congrats. Just so you know, UChicago doesn't encourage a two-year PREP if that's relevant to you.
  9. I second this. Good luck to everyone going through the PREP journey this coming year. If you have questions/concerns, shoot me a message. I am currently finishing up my PREP at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  10. Here is the new thread: I got an offer for Northwestern PREP. I also posted the schools I am applying to in the above thread ^. Let me know if you hear something! I'm assuming that you're within the Neuroscience field because NU-IN PREP is for Neuroscience people. I personally know Cassandra and someone doing the NU-IN PREP. The student loves it and she got interviews/got in into great schools.
  11. I just attended NW-DGP this past weekend. That is their last interview weekend.
  12. If anyone needs guidance or advice for this incoming PREP application cycle, shoot me a message.
  13. I can't believe they haven't sent out decisions yet. It is awfully late in the admissions season... Regardless, I'm wishing you good luck!
  14. Nice!!! If you guys are applying (or have already applied) for the Diversity Preview Days, I hope we all get in and see each other there! 🙂
  15. Got rejected in the Yale NIH PREP but they did accept me for the Yale Bouchet Graduate School Bootcamp 2019! (whatever this is) They said I get a fee waiver for their PhD apps next cycle so I'll take it!
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