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  1. I just attended NW-DGP this past weekend. That is their last interview weekend.
  2. If anyone needs guidance or advice for this incoming PREP application cycle, shoot me a message.
  3. I can't believe they haven't sent out decisions yet. It is awfully late in the admissions season... Regardless, I'm wishing you good luck!
  4. Nice!!! If you guys are applying (or have already applied) for the Diversity Preview Days, I hope we all get in and see each other there! 🙂
  5. Got rejected in the Yale NIH PREP but they did accept me for the Yale Bouchet Graduate School Bootcamp 2019! (whatever this is) They said I get a fee waiver for their PhD apps next cycle so I'll take it!
  6. Congratulations! Can't say good bye yet. PhD apps are around the corner. :-)
  7. Just got back from Einstein and I got in! No interviews! 🙂
  8. Just building onto what @neurooooo said. I am actually using PREP (if I get into it) as my second year off. Since I've graduated in May 2018, I've been a researcher at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The best thing about my current position is that I've built enough confidence and trust with my PI that she has been willing to throw me into my own project, on top of helping out with post-docs and her student. In addition, if you seen CVs of many PhD students (at least in the biomedical sciences) most of them have had some type of research assistant/technician job after undergraduate because it really helps them build their portfolio and also skillset.
  9. Is it safe to say that none of us have gotten any interview invitation from Yale? 🙁
  10. I would assume so or maybe they have been rolling out interviews and will be sending out final decisions next week? I honestly don't know at this point. Anyway, I got the update from Dr. Streete this morning.
  11. Yale still hasn't sent out interview invitations yet. They said they're guaranteeing faculty mentors first and then within the next few days they will send them out. OOOOF
  12. Sure! I do research at Albert Einstein so I am around the New York City area. I’m curious, did Mount Sinai send out an interview to you? I regretfully didn’t send out an application to them (my PI was adamant that Einstein will take me and she doesn’t want me going to the competition hahaha)
  13. Confirmed with the Grad Admissions office at Einstein that nothing has been sent out yet in terms of either interviews or acceptances/rejections. She said it’ll be out within the next couple of weeks.
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