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  1. They already finished their process about a month ago. That's last time I heard from them.
  2. Nothing new to report. My list was finalized a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to remind you of how cool you all are for staying strong all the way through May. Aside from having a freaking pandemic out there, you are still getting interviews and holding it together. I will be sending some angry letters to the NIH grant people to demand schools to have the same due dates for their interview rounds. It's very unfair that we have been waiting since December (and even earlier) for programs that have summer start dates. Is it just me, or we all have a life to run and commitments to fulfill aside
  3. Wohoo! Congrats. Honestly, if you look at their alumni page, quite a lot of people decide to stay. They connected me with someone currently in the program, and they said that although applying to grad-school there is not a requirement, quite a lot of people decide to stay. Let me know when you interview is, I can pass you some wisdom on the questions they asked me and the answers I gave. As of last week, they still had more than 1 spot in the program. Channeling the universe's energy so you get an offer. They will start August 3rd along with most PREPs. Apparently most programs joi
  4. He was known to develop the idea of justification of suffering (not in a good way thou). So think about it as a long term investment in growth. It is fair to email programs to ask for constructive feedback. A rejection could mean two things: 1) You are ready for a PhD program, and therefore in no need for help from PREP. 2) You application failed to demonstrate how you can benefit from PREP. Both paths led to rejection, and both could be unclear unless you request feedback.
  5. I recieved 25K from Uchicago but I have heard from someone who was offered 30K as well
  6. I can speak for two of them. I committed to UChicago some time ago. And I heard that they are extending their deadline, meaning that they are not done sending out interview appointments. (Hope you get one!) I called Mayo about a month ago. They told me they where filling spots with early applications, they have a first come first serve type of admission. At that point, it seemed that they had already sent out their appointments and were very close to finalize their cohort. Hope this helps!
  7. Just heard back today! (weird, its on a Sunday) They will be conducting interviews next week and the week after.
  8. Also, The UChicago program is extending their deadline to April 15th to accommodate for the COVID-19 crisis. So if you had your program cancelled, you might as well give it a try!
  9. Just heard that UC Davis is sending out their first round of offers today. Good luck!
  10. You apply where you think you might want to go 😀 So no worries! Mind sharing the institutions and any updates with the community?
  11. Depends. If the program is getting near their decision deadline, I would go ahead. If the program is just reviewing applications, your email might be ignored and the silence will cause you lots of anxiety. If they provide a phone number, I would go that way. It seems that people in this forum have had more luck contacting PREP programs via phone than e-mail. Good luck!
  12. Dear all. Thanks for your continued support! I received and e-mail from MIT saying I was selected for their interview stage, but they could not conduct them due to MIT's campus closure. They will be cancelling MIT BCS postbac because their start date was June 1st, and they cannot accommodate a later start date. If you were hopeful, like me, to hear from them, it sounds like they will not be having postbac or summer program this year due to COVID-19. Best of luck to you all! I have committed to UChicago, and will keep you updated if I hear back from anybody else in my list 😁
  13. Wohoo, congrats! Just got their rejection letter on Tuesday. Hope someone drops so you can get the spot! It would be a dream if all of us get into our top choice programs
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