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  1. I know this feeling. I had one interview like that recently. I'm sorry, feels horrible, especially when you personally feel like it was such a great fit. Keep your head high and keep going!
  2. I think someone in the 2021 neuroscience thread mentioned all official interviews had gone out
  3. it says in this older forum that they usually span out longer, but just saw two new postings for MIT via email on the results page
  4. first time I heard. No interview offered for them. Hope you hear back soon!
  5. I'm not sure. But, it seems not everyone got it. Maybe we made it to the interview stage?
  6. Brown is sending some updates, too. Just got rejected.
  7. Mt Sinai just sent an update for interviews to be sent out soon!
  8. I completely agree with your decision. I think it's valid approach. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge! Will send updates if I hear back from anywhere else!
  9. Any advice for holding onto a spot until hearing back from another school? I have a deadline to respond and still waiting to hear back from another program.
  10. Hi Everyone! Created an account just to find a place to unite w other PREP applicants. I applied to (MIT BCS, Northwestern, Brown, Mt SInai, Yale) So far, I've only heard back from Northwestern and was offered a spot. Good luck, friends!
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