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  1. Does anyone know acceptance rates of various programs? I feel like this info is impossible to find. I just interviewed at Drexel so I'm driving myself crazy with wonder
  2. Wow, that seems pretty harsh of your family. Its a big hurdle, and not disappointing. You'll get in, just be positive during your interviews!
  3. yeah I did not do that at all and sometimes I wonder if maybe I should have applied to a few of those 😆
  4. I applied to Boulder behavior neuro as well and haven't heard a thing. I have only seen 2 posts for prelims
  5. Why would you not get accepted with 2 interviews? I also have 2, and I have high hopes of being accepted!
  6. I applied to their Neuroscience PhD program, which I guess is different than the one you are asking about. But I received an interview invite from that program on Dec 22.
  7. What is going on with UT Southwestern?? Seems like there has been random interview invites going out since November. What are their interview dates?
  8. Do you have an idea on why you were rejected after interviews?
  9. Has anyone who applied to Drexel going to do this optional essay thing they have now emailed about 4 times? I'm thinking they've sent it so much at this point maybe I should do it. I might treat it as an update of stuff since I submitted my app like 2 months ago
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