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  1. Quoting and answering my own question: I will be heading to Drexel!
  2. Hey I'm non-traditional as well! I graduated undergrad in 2020 but had I gone to college right after highschool I would've graduated in 2011. Did lots of unrelated things in those 10 years before going back to school. I was waitlisted for a long time and was starting to make plans to do a masters, I bet you will have way too many interviews the next time you apply.
  3. Its April 15th! What programs did everyone decide on?
  4. I don't personally know about those programs but thats my research interest as well! Maybe if you love them all, either choose the one with the most labs you'd be interested in (for possible fall back) or just go straight for prestige. Or go by pure feeling, draw a random one and if you're immediately like "YES" or "oh damn, I wanted this other one" pick that way.
  5. no way to know but you only have 8 more days until people have to make their decision! i was only taken off a wait list 5 days ago.
  6. Yay! See you in the first year biomed core classes!
  7. hooray! see you there! at least in the biomedical grad program core classes
  8. Hey all, I am attending Drexel COM (for biomedical/neuro) this fall. Anyone else?
  9. I'll be joining you there this fall! Thank you again for the random plug post for the program.
  10. I'm someone who is on one wait list and rejected from everywhere else so I am feeling this deeply right now. But, definitely don't think people should rush either.
  11. I didn't apply to that particular program but I want to suggest that you email the program. I was wait listed at a different program and didn't know until I emailed them about it. They had already sent out a batch of acceptances after i interviewed, so i sent an email the day after that
  12. Waitlisted at Drexel! Better than a rejection, but still holds me in grad school limbo.
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