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  1. Similar to what @queeorpheus said, it's not so much about "tier" or prestige but more about fit, i.e. are there labs and mentors you could see yourself working with? You could be rejected by "lower-tier" schools just because your research interests don't align well with those of the faculty members. I've applied to biomedical science umbrella programs twice; here are some programs and schools I'm familiar with, you can look into these: Penn State (BMS), University of Michigan (PIBS), Boston University (PIBS), USC (PIBBS), University of Virginia (BIMS), Washington University in St. Louis (
  2. I'm mostly excited to quit my job and do nothing. I've spent the last 3 years working and conducting research non-stop, I could really use a break before starting graduate school! And by "nothing" I mean binge-watch TV shows and try out new restaurants! I was able to figure out housing pretty quickly and already signed a lease. I might have to study a little bit sometime in August to brush up on cell bio, genetics concepts and neuroanatomy but other than that, I want to relax 😄
  3. I was waitlisted about 2 months ago but I had accepted another offer in the meantime. Best of luck to you!
  4. I definitely agree with that, having conversations with potential advisors is great. They love to be asked about their research. While I agree that prestige matters in the grand scheme of things, I was trying to emphasize that one shouldn't apply to a school because of how prestigious it is, nor should they gauge their likelihood of being accepted based on that. It's definitely a bonus if you get into a prestigious school!
  5. First, congratulations on the acceptance! Second, there's no point in playing hard to get, just accept the offer if you already know you want to accept it! Personally, I accepted my offer a few minutes after receiving it haha. You could always ask and see if the offer is negotiable, doesn't hurt to ask I think
  6. In my opinion, you have a pretty well-balanced list based on your stats. I've applied to biomed/neuro PhD programs twice and would say that what matters the most is being able to find potential advisors and labs (is the school a good fit based on your research interests?) School prestige and rankings don't really matter, you could get rejected from all of your "safety" schools and get into an Ivy like Harvard for example, which is why I'm not a big fan of those terms. Just make sure to apply to schools you would want to go to if you were to be accepted and where you'd be a good fit!
  7. I was wondering that too because it's been almost 3 weeks since their interview weekend. It was the biggest group they've ever interviewed so might be why it's taking them so long?
  8. I applied to GDBBS Neuroscience and got a rejection email yesterday but a friend of mine also applied to the Neuroscience track and got an interview so it looks like they might be done sending out interview invites for now. There's probably a waitlist though?
  9. Congratulations!! I just got a call and was accepted too! The program and the faculty members are amazing
  10. Unfortunately I had to decline the Drexel interview because it overlapped with 2 other interviews but it was supposed to be Jan 28-29 So I have no info, sorry! i hope you hear from them very soon though!
  11. Based on previous years, I think we'll hear from them next week *fingers crossed*!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was an admission offer, not an interview offer.
  13. Generally, schools will send you the schedule the day before or 2 days before the interview. I've always gotten my schedule the day before interviews start!
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