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  1. Glad you joined the thread! I hope not too far after the 15th (TOMORROW!) for you.
  2. Thanks for sharing this, I'm looking forward to checking it out and maybe adding some of my own thoughts!
  3. Me too! I searched on here for DSW friends back in 2019 and the few who I saw posted anything never comeback and replied again. This thread has been fantastic to have during the process. I hope we all stay connected
  4. USC does let you rent the colored robes but requires you to buy the tam if you want it, otherwise you get the mortarboard with the rental.
  5. I need to look up the Penn robes. I didn't look it up beforehand but now my horse is seemingly in the cart. We will see where it goes. 🤣
  6. Thanks for starting this thread.
  7. LOL! Why else do you think I applied in the first place!! I needed a carrot at the end of the road, looking good is it!
  8. Thats fantastic you have options! I have a lot of mixed feelings about the program. I have loved the education but am frustrated with some other aspects of the program. I don't think it is the kind of thing that is specific or unique to USC though so I would probably go with it's quite enjoyable. Before I gave a strong recommendation I would have to think and have a conversation though. I have worked a number of jobs in the clinical world, I still have my practice, and don't feel like it is the final chalegen for me. The leadership part is a big draw I had to USC, it's been a hug
  9. You got into the other programs??? care to share where you applied? - sorry if I missed it previously
  10. Oh COVID19, how I hate you. We lost all of our in person sections and need them. I think a bunch of us will try and gather when we feel safe so we can have the time together even if they don't reinstate the official meetings we still have coming. I wish I had a 6 week summer session. our summer is 12 or 13 weeks so we don't get the 6 weeks off, and I too need it. on the positive side, I only have until next Wednesday left for the semester!!! I can't believe it! (it's going by SOOOOO FAST!!) I don't know if they announce completions! that would be fantastic. I still keep myself pump
  11. do they release them all by the 15th?
  12. I'm sorry you didn't get the Bama interview, I hope Penn goes well! Cheering for you!
  13. I have heard that over and over again that it is not uncommon to apply more than one cycle. Keep going!
  14. I love this question! (Where were you to ask it when I was getting ready to start my program??? ) I don't at this point have too much to add, I spent a lot of time reading books for fun. Being outside and looking at what I would have to prioritize to keep in my life and what I would drop. It's funny to look back and say that I learned to finally meal prep only after I started my doctorate, but for the first time I knew I had to do that to have any time with friends. It's something I keep doing now to be able to go for a run (friends are hard with the pandemic), and have any thing really
  15. I'm sorry to hear it. I hope we can be a part of cheering you on moving forward, and always happy to have you here!
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