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  1. Congrats!! that's fantastic to hear!! Do you know when you present? 🥳👏🎉
  2. Currently I'm at USC, who loves to talk about the number of first gen students they have and about being multi-cultural. My program is in fact quite diverse with a large African American/BIPOC population. Unfortunately the school has almost no one teaching that resembles us and quite a few people who are unable to talk about race and racism (pick your ism really) in an appropriate way. Not just my experience, but the feeling from a large group of students. some of them have gone to the point of working against it. Check them out here==> https://www.change.org/AntiRacistCurriculumUSC
  3. EJM

    New York, NY

    I'd be curious about joining people for a coffee or something if it ends up happening. I've thought about these before but never done it. (I'm not new to the city so maybe helpful, possibly less excitement brought by me 😂)
  4. sounds good to me! nice name change btw.
  5. I didn't see the comment you made about starting a new thread, but this seems like a great post to quote (Congrats again!) I was thinking that new thread could be well timed so the convo keeps going and has some traction early (probably the same thing you said it the post I didn't find) and now that your in it seems like there is some closure on this thread (too social workie a way of thinking about it? 😂)
  6. Additionally LCSW's are able to work in every state, where LMHC/LMFT/M.Ed etc. are often limited in their capacity based on state regulation and license reciprocity.
  7. Congrats on your ASW graduation! Well earned! and best of luck with Fordham!
  8. the free thing, I don't know how to explain it. I just know the administrators tell me that I will have some of it and that it is good. I'm trying to trust them. fingers crossed! I wish we could just wrap this thread into next year.
  9. Oh, I have a goldstone maybe a mile away!
  10. Also, what sweet dogs!!! and another of my enjoyed ice creams, when I have had it at little creameries that do their own, I would probably take it over Mint Chip.
  11. I was just watching a pair of Goldens at the pride race yesterday, one was red and the other light blond/gold, now I find out the difference, I should have checked this message sooner!
  12. YES!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Time to get on the "what do I do with my free time before school starts" band wagon!! So fantastic! 🥳🎉
  13. Yes, we have class every summer, although this is the fullest summer. Next year will be one class with instruction and research (I hear that is going to give me more flexibility to go to the beach eat ice cream) the following summer will be prepping to defend and then defending. So exciting and so much to do in only a couple of years! That and finding ice cream with brownie pieces.
  14. Any word? If you haven't heard back by now I would reach out to them personally. +1
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