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  1. I'm missing the chatter on here. if anyone is around, how are you? For all the recent students, how has your first semester gone? ? ?
  2. Did you start or are you starting in January? I'm not sure what question to ask, how was your first semester or excited for your first semester?!?!
  3. And this forum normally gets a lot more traffic starting in the next few weeks as people scramble to apply, so any questions you have will more and faster attention. Good luck!
  4. Welcome! I do not have no solid information for you on the potential black mark against you. I would say that given your desired focus being outside of the clinical side of things and your openness to all DSW programs (except USC-I say apply to USC anyhow and just find out, I can say for sure they don't need you to be clinical, and they do a lot of leadership and program development within the curriculum ✌️) I would think as long as you keep focused on programs aligning with your goals it won't be a black mark against you. UPenn will probably care, I'll let someone else say that for sure
  5. I've been trying to find something useful to say on here... I haven't thought of anything. But I'm super curious when the next waive of people show up to get info and support and where they will apply for admission! And how many people will come back and keep in touch from last year!! Where are you laster year'ers? Hi new folks!
  6. First assignment is due Tuesday!! Welcome back to school!!!
  7. Have a wonderful Fall semester everyone!! Especially those starting this fall or spring and have a last few days/months to go πŸ™‚ *I can’t believe I’m already reading for class again, also can’t believe how much of the road is behind me already! 🀯
  8. I'm going to miss this thread.
  9. Come join us all on the 2022 thread!!!! @DSWstudentTSSW, I hope I'm not taking your thunder by posting the new thread you started.
  10. I'm jumping ahead of myself here, but I'm looking forward to the bigger numbers of people joining this tread when application season comes back around.
  11. LOL! yes, I would like to hear how the Bama process is for someone at some point along the way!!
  12. If you feel aligned with the ideas of social work and the concept of what you would gain from attending the program I wouldn't at all let it stop you! They admit non-social workers, it's part of the program. just my 2 cents
  13. Everything, okay, I'll give it a shot. I'm on break right now so it's fresh in my mind that you get about 2 weeks between semesters and I'd encourage you to plan a vacation for each of them . USC is on of the only programs I know of that do not require an MSW for acceptance, but that may be changing to requiring an MSW, so you found the program at the right time. I did take the traditional MSW --> DSW route, I have 13ish years of experience working in some aspect of social services or mental health. I think I had a 3.78 GPA when I got my MSW and was in the Macro Track. I was looking at goin
  14. I think I am the people at USC πŸ˜‚ Happy to help, what'cha wanna know about?
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