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  1. Haha, I wasn't aware that I was capable of initiating such awesome topics too. JK. Beach walks.. I miss them already, cause I haven't been able to go to the beach since the pandemic took a swing. I am glad you could relate on how your priorities might have changed after entering grad school. It can get really tough, and it would be rather interesting to know more on your perspective of balancing work/personal life- something which most of us are speculating about a lot. My plan for now is: I am going through courses I would like to take, reading about it as much as I can, at
  2. Yeah, I can relate. It really relaxing to organize/reorganize things. Haha, thank you. Hopefully! Oh, okay. But since you're already doing your self-study on your potential-research topics, that's great. Yeah, it's daunting, big time. I have a tad complicated background, I was born in the US, then my parents moved back to India, which is where I have been since then. So, basically I'm a domestic applicant, I'm officially waived off visas, and other formalities, which is great, but no legit domestic-related attributes like housing and stuff. lol. I will be doing that, onc
  3. That's really a well-organized routine. Thank you for sharing it in a detailed way ! Yeah, I agree, morning hours are ideal for working out for me as well.. It somehow just shakes out the morning blues! haha. I have been working as an intern for an online education platform, and learning/practicing French on DuoLingo. I just completed two certification courses too. I need to start brainstorming on research papers, like you mentioned. It would be really an ideal way of starting. I have this guilt addiction to stationery, I spend good amount of time on arranging/rearranging my note
  4. Congratulations to those who got admits already, and good luck for them who are still waiting for results. It just came to me to have some suggestions about how to spend the summer for prepping oneself for graduate school, in terms of brainstorming and self-studying for coursework, or just looking for housing accommodations, etc? Please feel free to pitch in any thoughts/ideas/suggestions for the same, irrespective of which program you have applied to-you can mention it tho. 😄 Take care, everyone. 😄
  5. Has anyone heard from UTD, PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology? -.-
  6. Haha, yeah. Same here.. I was second-guessing everything while scrolling down comments. Are you targeting Fall 21? If so, which programs are you applying to and at which universities? Wish you luck!
  7. I would be happy to reply, cause I know how distressful it is. It actually depends on the specific program you have applied to. I had applied to Molecular and Cell Biology PhD program. So, for program specific timelines, I heard from UMass, USF, BU in the early February when the deadline for submitting the application was Dec 1st; Jan 1st and tenth of Dec respectively. Try emailing them, more specifically to the program-specific admission office. I hope you get into a good university ASAP. GOOD LUCK!
  8. Just wanted to vent out my current thought process, cause it's been kind of weird for past few weeks. I have mixed feelings towards my admission process.. I've got an admit from University at Buffalo, for PhD in Biological Sciences, for which I'm proud of. But, I can't possibly ignore the four consecutive rejects from BU, ISU, USF and UMass. I know, it's bizarre to ask of, but how would you guys process such a situation? 


    Good luck everyone. 

    1. sackofcrap


      I would be happy and excited that I got accepted somewhere and start planning out my future. There are so few people in this world who have a PhD or who would be accepted into a PhD program. You are soon to be one of the elite few and you have an amazing future ahead of you.

    2. ProAtOverthinking


      Yeah, you're right. In the long run, persistence and hard work you put, would matter way more than such things. 

      I guess, I was in a different state of mind when I posted this, and gradually, I'm overcoming this sense of complexity in my mind. 

  9. I cannot imagine a day without studying, or learning something new. My day would be incomplete. Might sound a bit exaggerated, but, I have always wanted to become a scientist, a researcher.. right from my school till date, the passion remains the same. And, I'm glad about it. All the best everyone, and be proud of yourself.
  10. I've/ had applied to PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, at UAB, UTD, UB, USF, BU, ISU, UMass. rejected from: USF, BU, ISU, and UMass received an acceptance from: UB Waiting for decisions: UAB, UTD.
  11. Yeah, that's what I've been seeing a lot here, sometimes it just makes me feel little anxious. Hope you got selected in a good school, and wish you luck for pursuing your studies.
  12. That's probably the best things I've come across in a really long time. Much needed, as well. I wish you luck in pursuing your passion. I take rejections to my heart, and acceptance as accidental luck. I know, I'm being hard on myself, and I'm sill underway working through this feeling.
  13. I understand. I wish for you strength and hope to get through, everything's going to turn out in best possible way. ❤️❤️
  14. BU, ISU, USF, University of Buffalo, UTD, UAB, UMass. I have got admit from University of Buffalo, and rejects from BU, ISU, USF, UMass.
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