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  1. I had a subpar GPA in econ, did an MS in stats with a perfect GPA, and got into several stats programs outside of the top 20 (ps: I didn't bother applying to the top 20)
  2. I have been in touch with faculty in this school's department and they accommodated all of my requests. I think it would be only courteous of me to let them know in an email that I will be deciding on other places. What are some ways people have turned down an offer from a department that has been so accommodating?
  3. Forgive my ignorance if this is common knowledge, but how exactly are these "levels" determined? What causes one program to be ranked over another?
  4. Hi all, I am deciding between NW and TAMU right now. Roughly speaking, my interests are in ML and I want to get into stochastic processes - I hope to do work more applied in nature. Judging from US News, these two programs seem to be on two different levels, but my questions are these: Aside from their USNews rankings, what are reasons to attend one over the other? Is the level or rigor required in both departments generally the same or is one significantly different from the other? Thanks.
  5. Not intentionally trying to dig up old posts, but anyone hear back from Northwestern yet? Need to know if I should keep hoping or not. Not seeing any updates for anyone on chinese and american forums.
  6. just wanted to point out. 6 quarters is about the same amount of classroom time as 3 semesters?
  7. As someone who had attended Penn before, I know there are some departments do not like to admit those from their own departments for further advanced degrees. I am unsure if this is true for biostats.
  8. A professor from the department messaged to schedule a phone call. Since our call, I haven't heard back yet.
  9. Is this the most recent 2020 rankings from US News? I can't seem to find their stats rankings after 2018.
  10. I second this. My GPA and test scores were on the lower end of the spectrum of gradcafe posters, and I still got into a good programs. I highly suspect this was due to 1) my LOR's strongly believed I was capable of a PhD, and 2) they are decently well-known in their respective fields.
  11. Has anyone heard back from Northwestern yet? It seems in 2020, offers and interviews went out since February, but no posts about their program in 2021.
  12. In addition, what do you all think of an offer that has no GA/TA requirements for funding. How much much consideration should that be given over another offer with GA/TA requirements for all 4-5 years.
  13. Got an email for an interview over the weekend asking to schedule times. I haven't heard back after replying with my schedule. After how long should I follow up?
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