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  1. I was accepted to both UNC and UCLA's biostatistics programs for fall 2021. I'm trying to decide which to attend. Both are fully funded with tuition, healthcare and stipend (with UNC offering slightly more which is interesting bc cost of living would suggest otherwise). I guess consider funding pretty much equal. I also don't fully know where my research interests lie yet, so it's hard to use that as a criteria. Both are great programs, but I know UNC is slightly higher ranked. Is the difference in ranking significant? Does anyone know any meaningful differences between the cultures of ea
  2. I've been attempting to do some research into Biostatistics programs and was wondering if anyone has some insight into some of the qualitative differences between the top programs. I've found that program websites usually have very similar descriptions of their PhD programs, making it difficult to evaluate the differences between them. From USNWR I've found that the top 6 programs are Harvard, Hopkins, UW, UNC-Chapel Hill, Michigan, and UC Berkeley but aside from rank what are the different qualitative merits of each program? For example, what are each of these programs known for?
  3. Thanks, for the context. In your opinion, what would be some schools that are reaches but not totally unrealistic? And what are some examples of lower/safety-ish schools for my profile?
  4. Hi, I only recently started looking into Biostats PhD programs and was hoping to get a little more clarity on the strength of my profile. Undergrad Institution: Northwestern Major: Mathematics (with departmental honors) and Statistics Type of Student: Domestic white male GPA: 3.65 GRE: Still studying but just assume V: 165+ and Q: 165+ since that's how I'm scoring on practice tests. Related Math Courses: Calculus 1/2 (B+, B), Linear Algebra (B+), Optimization (B), Probability and Stochastic Processes Sequence (A-, A, A-), Combinatorics and Discrete Math (A), Gra
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