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  1. Who does Chicago have on causal inference? Didn’t find anyone
  2. If your parents are rich and you want to attend UPenn go to UPenn
  3. Duke if truly want to be Bayesian. Columbia because of the overall school and the city.
  4. Pretty sure you will get to many of the top 20 schools.
  5. Probably Stanford on elite top too?
  6. I think will create an overall ranking aggregating all rankings.
  7. Thanks. Indeed, Removing the non-US schools, the top 20 US are similar to the US news top 20. US news for reference: Stanford Berkeley Harvard University of Chicago University of Washington Carnegie Mellon Duke NC State Tamu Upenn Wisconsin Michigan Minnesota Iowa penn state Columbia cornell Purdue UNC ohio state
  8. Honestly from what I have seen of friends that landed tenure track positions, it all depends on you. You need to publish papers in top journals.
  9. Honestly, you look pretty strong and should apply to all top stats programs: Stanford, Berkeley, UPenn, Harvard, UW, CMU, etc (but apply to 20 or so schools just to be safe)
  10. But I think you have the right mindset, you should try do your best but still be pragmatic. Are you looking for an industry job or academic job?
  11. That’s a great point I have seen that with most conference papers. Are you publishing in conferences? the truth is that conferences are unreliable due to the sheer volume of papers. many of of my friends (newbie grads like you) are “reviewing” for conferences. They have no clue how to really assess the quality of paper (as they tell me personally!) also most of these friend just want to have conference papers to put on their CV and get tech job later. And their advisors just want to grow their cv, the advisors rarely read the papers, they just write the intro and conclusi
  12. He says “graduate assistantship worth a stipend of $23,490” though. that sounds like a stipend without TA duties if not then you are right, there’s not much difference between offers
  13. I think you are underestimating yourself, you should also try some top programs like UW, UM, and UNC.
  14. I would go to UW, it seems to be a stronger program overall (both frequentist and Bayesian). Duke is almost solely Bayesian?
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