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  1. How should I send my updated transcripts to schools? Should I just email?
  2. @cyberwulf any advice on what range of schools I should be applying to if I'm looking to apply for PhD Bios programs?
  3. Should I just apply to all PhD programs then? If I applied to all PhDs, would I also be considered for Masters programs?
  4. @bayessays I don't really want to pay for masters programs, do you think I would be a competitive applicant for PhD programs at schools like Emory/UCLA?
  5. Thanks for the replay @StatsG0d, I'm already 2 weeks into the semester so I don't think I'll be able to switch into real analysis. Will this hurt my chances even if I take real analysis in the spring?
  6. Student Type: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad: Top 5 U.S Public School Major: Statistics GPA: 3.63 (Major GPA is 3.8ish) Math & stat classes: Linear Algebra (A), CALC III (A-), Differential Equations (A), Data Science (A), Optimization (A), Probability (A), Advanced Linear Models (this fall), Machine Learning (this fall), Stochastic Modeling (this fall). Intro to Programming (C+) I goofed in my Intro to Programming course (took it Freshman year), but I've done well in all my higher level stats courses that have used R so hopefully that makes up for it!
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