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  1. UNC statistics & operations research has a very good probability group and I think it would be a very good fit. You could also explore other interests in statistics in that department. You could also apply to Duke math, it has some great probabilists and is a pretty interdisciplinary department that communicates with the stat, electrical engineering, and computer science departments (disclaimer, this is where I did my undergrad). If I were you I would consider Princeton and MIT as well (there are some people there doing cool probability things too).
  2. While I applied to statistics PhD programs, I was also math major who did solely math research. Based on the experience of my peers who applied to math phd programs and on what some math professors have said, the single most important factor in math PhD admissions are your letters of recommendation. Also make sure to score above 80% on the math gre. You sound like you have good chances, so apply to all the top schools and also a decent number of safeties. Good luck.
  3. Hi @undergrad1, I had the exact same concerns when I applied. My most meaningful research was also in probability theory and random processes and my coursework was very math heavy. I had only taken a handful of statistics courses and I can certainly say my statistics background was lacking. Btw, it is perfect that you took grad-level statistical theory! Anyway, my applications were pretty successful (never would have expected the outcomes), but my research interests are also in theoretical/mathematical stat. So if you're planning to apply to very theoretical programs, I think you will be fine! And I also think it is fine, even if your interests end up being more applied. One thing to make sure is that you have a good coding background.
  4. My statust for "accepted" also was not changed on the portal.
  5. Hey @galois. I think you should not worry that much. It is indeed the second one in my case and the fact that I was not a very good match for Duke in terms of my preparation and interests. You still have a chance! Good luck!!
  6. Looks like the subject GRE did not matter that much for Berkeley, though, because I just got in today. I also got into UMichigan.
  7. Hi, @hopesandprayers! I also got waitlisted for Stanford and was accepted to Chicago, but didn't get into Duke (my undergrad university). I've heard it's nearly impossible to get off Stanford's waitlist, but we'll see what happens.
  8. I was waitlisted at Stanford, but did not receive anything from Berkeley.
  9. Congratulations for receiving good news, orchidnora and ducky500. Did anyone hear anything about Duke Statistics?
  10. I see, well... I already booked my tickets for Ohio State's Feb 22nd visit. Since I am in the Research Triangle area, I guess I will schedule independent visits for UNC and NC State. I ended up applying to exactly 20 schools, because I had no back-up plan and wanted to ensure I get into a PhD program with reasonable funding. Don't know how I'll decide, will have to wait and see all my offers first Also, 2 seems extremely risky, unless you have (by some means) the certainty you can get into one of them. I definitely didn't have that certainty.
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