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  1. Hey all. I'm an undergraduate who's looking to apply to Ph.D programs in Stats in a couple years. I know this isn't necessary to know yet, but I'd like to have a good understanding of the subfields of Stats. It seems a bit opaque to me as of now. With a subject like math, when looking through professors' profiles there seems to be a list of about 10-12 broad research areas that people study (algebraic geometry, PDEs, number theory, etc.). Within stats, the research interests I see paint a less-clear picture. Also, level of detail tends to vary (a professor might list their research interests a
  2. There've been a few threads recently that have touched on this, but I'm interested in asking directly: How much does Ph.D-level stats coursework differ school-to-school and what's your opinion on what should be taught to first/second year PhDs? There was a discussion recently in which someone stated they believe that most first-year sequences are outdated and do not teach the necessary topics for modern statistical research — do you agree? As I understand most schools will have a probability sequence (typically measure-theoretic) and some sort of theoretical statistics sequence (I hear Casella
  3. Hello all. I've got some questions about the relevance of non-stats research. I'm currently first-authoring a paper in my university's medical school, but the focus of the paper is implementing a causal inference algorithm on a specific dataset. I am aware that this is not the type of research that I will do in grad school, but I feel that my work is statistically involved. Also, the professor that I have worked with on this project is the one who knows me the best thus far. Because of this, I intend to ask him to write me a letter of recommendation once application season rolls around. I of c
  4. A lot of things I hear seem to suggest that math background is vital for Stats Ph.D admission, but this usually boils down into just Calculus, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, and Probability. I was wondering what additional math courses would be helpful? I'm a math major who has completed these courses but still has over a year to go. There are some more advanced stochastic processes courses and some upper-div real analysis courses I'm interested in, but I wonder if this will have diminishing returns. In that case, would it be useful to take more stats methods courses? Or do admissions committe
  5. @bayessays Thank you for this response! It's hard to understand how admissions works as an undergrad, so the most simple way is to assume that there's a clean system of ranking and a simple deterministic way in which these things work. I think I do prefer that it is as you claim — a perfect system in which everyone has a "true ranking" and the universities simply sort based on that would be a bit demoralizing as well as more boring, so I'm glad it is not like that. I imagine the "true ranking" idea is akin to projecting a vector in 100-dimensional Euclidean space to a single real number — almo
  6. This is a question with probably no uniform answer and the truth is likely much more complicated than what I pose here. Regardless, I've been wondering about the structure of graduate admissions lately, particularly to T10 Ph.D programs in Statistics. Particularly, how top-heavy are applicant profiles? To elaborate, I imagine an "essentially perfect" profile has a student from a top undergraduate program with a 3.9+ GPA, 166+Q, 163+V, multiple research experiences, glowing LoRs from at least one famous faculty member, and completion of many high-level math courses. How many students like this
  7. Would statistics-relevant work or internships be relevant in graduate admissions? I'm thinking something like data science-related tech internships or quantitative finance positions that use statistics? Or would it be much better to try to focus up and study some Math/Stats? For context, this would be during a gap-year taken for COVID-related reasons.
  8. Hello All. I'm going to be applying to Stats Ph.D programs in Fall 2021 (for hopeful admission to Fall 2022). Right now though, I'm planning my classes out for Junior Year and I've got a few hang-ups. Basically, Between the following set of classes I can choose one (all likely taught fall): Measure-Theoretic Probability Theory (First required probability class for Ph.Ds) Likely the one that would "look best" when applying, but also the most time consuming. Furthermore, I don't think it's super expected that I take this since it's Ph.D Level? I guess there's some worry that I sho
  9. Thank you for the info! Sorry, I prematurely posted and then added in my info, if you're willing to take another look.
  10. Hello! I'm planning to apply for Stats Ph.D programs in Fall 2021, so I'm currently a rising Junior. I don't have a lot of my profile finalized since I've still got a one more year, but I guess if this could be sort of an evaluation plus a recommendation for what holes I should focus on filling this coming year, that would be amazing! Edit: I realize that I'm unsure about the terminology? I plan to apply in Fall 2021 to programs that start in Fall 2022. Sorry if that's confusing and please correct me if I was wrong. Undergrad Institution: Top 3 Stats University (US News) Major: Ma
  11. Not the most inventive advice but I've definitely had more responsiveness when a prof that I know introduces me to them. Over email this is as easy as them just sending them an email with a brief intro and CCing you. So maybe you know someone form your uni that knows at least some of them? Best of luck
  12. Hello all! Hopefully this is allowed. I made a discord server for those applying to Stats Ph.D programs. I don't know others doing so at my school and thought a place to chat about these things would be nice. There's a channel with resources and I'd like to share my own discussions with faculty as well. I imagine it's use as opposed to GradCafe could be to ping others if you have a question that doesn't necessitate a full thread or just generally getting to know others. If you're interested, DM me! I don't want the link public just in the case of bots etc. (Sorry if this is breaking the rules)
  13. Hi all. Currently I'm a second-year undergrad who is interested in applying for Stats Ph.D programs my senior year. Overall, I'm relatively on track in terms of taking courses, getting involved in research, and such. I have one potential glaring hole though, my first year the transition to college was a bit tough, and I got some Bs in relevant courses. Namely Calc II and Probability. Almost all Stats programs emphasize these two courses as being important. Retaking these courses would be possible but I don't think it's worth it since it's just a B, but how can I show future grad schools that I
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