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  1. I just took the GRE and got a 165 Q. Is this good enough for Stats Masters programs and PhD in Statistics/BioStatistics (outside USNWR top 20-30)
  2. Based on those giving advice above and your courselist, I'd just apply for Masters in Statistics and take more Math/Stats classes in your MS then apply for a PhD.
  3. From what I've read on this forum, you definitely should go for a Masters of Statistics if you want to do a Masters before a PhD. The applied classes you take in DS / Applied Statistics programs aren't really considered by admission committees for MS in Statistics. I've also heard that in industry, those with a Masters degree get stuck in the role of a "code monkey" where you just use R packages on datasets, whereas PhD graduates get the label of "statistician/data scientist".
  4. Just to add on here, when applying to Masters of Applied Stats/Data Science, I imagine that you don't need to be concerned about a lack of research experience because you won't be doing any research during your Masters! The Applied Masters programs are for people who want to enter industry and thus aren't required to do any research. Also, I think you will get into a few top programs given your high GPA from a respectable school and work experience. Keep in mind that Masters of Applied X programs don't offer funding and will accept many who can fund themselves. On a side note, I'd recom
  5. I'd highly recommend you post your stats (GPA, Classes taken, School, etc) if you wanna get a proper opinion.
  6. Hello, long-time lurker here. I'm a rising Senior and am going to apply to grad programs in the Fall. I just wanted to see what y'all though about my profile. Thanks! Undergrad Institution: Top 10 Statistics program (According to US News) Major(s): Statistics (Minor: Mathematics) GPA: 3.60 Type of Student: US Permanent Resident / Canadian citizen GRE General Test: Will take in the Fall Programs Applying: MS in Statistics / PhD in Statistics and Biostatistics Research Experience: REU in Educational Data Mining. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list,
  7. 2. Here are the courses I've taken so far: Calc I-III, differential equations, two terms of linear algebra (applied topics), one term of mathematical proofs, one term of real analysis, intro to probability, intro to statistical inference, statistical computing, data visualization (ggplot2), intro to programming (java), intro to machine learning (I also go to a Top 10 Statistics school according to US News) Is this enough math for a PhD program in Biostatistics or Statistics?
  8. Hello, I'll be a Senior applying to MS/PhD programs in the Fall. I was gonna take a light course load so I can focus on grad school applications...but it seems like I'll be taking Linear Analysis, Upper-Level Statistics (Experimental Design), and Real Analysis II Questions: 1) How much time should I devote to grad school applications in the Fall? Is it possible to write all the personal statements for schools I'm applying to in the summer and just submitting the applications in the Fall? 2) In Real Analysis I, I got a 3.0 cuz it was extremely challenging, and I'm not confi
  9. I'll be applying to MS/ PhD programs in (Bio)Statistics programs this Fall and I've identified a few mid to low ranked schools that I'm unfamiliar with but have professors whose research fit mine. How should I contact these professors? Should I show interest in working with them and see what that leads to? I'm genuinely interested in the research these people do but want to learn more about my chances of being admitted, campus lifestyle, class requirements, stipends, etc. I also feel like this would make my application stand out.
  10. Yep! Marie Auger-Méthé is a professor I'd like to work with. Oh I didn't know about Dan Simpson at U of T. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Thank you. I didn't know Bayesian methods were popular. I'll try to take many Bayesian courses.
  12. Hello, long-time lurker here. I'm an Junior majoring in Statistics at a Top 5 Statistics department (according to US News). I've recently gotten interested in spatiotemporal modeling after doing a personal project in NBA (National Basketball League) Player Tracking data. (Hence my nickname) Since I have an average mathematical skills, I've been debating on whether to go for a PhD or not. I think I'll first apply for a Masters in Statistics and write a thesis there to see if I really want to pursue this field of spatiotemporal modeling. 1) I was wondering which schools / profes
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